Wanting What's Wrong

Two years have passed since Sophie Miller escaped. Two years since she was One DIrections private possession. Trying to get her life back to normal, Sophie heads to Mullingar. The boys of One Direction find her and drag her back into their messed up lives. Feelings start showing here and there, making Sophie confused. Is it really okay to start having feelings towards your kidnappers? Afterall, there is a very thin line between love and hate...


55. Abducted

I blink a few times, grimacing at the soreness I feel through my limbs. Feeling the need to stretch, I start expanding my arms only to realize they’re tied behind me. Wait... I recall last night’s happenings. It was good, wasn’t it? But... someone had grabbed me after I’d gone to the bathroom. I choke on my breathing, reliving the brief moment. Oh no please. Was I kidnapped again? No.

I start tugging on the ropes vigorously when I hear someone entering the room.

“Don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself.”

My breath gets caught in my throat as I stare at the person in front of me. She’s my spitting image, apart from her blonde hair. Oh my god what’s this black magic?!

“Jeese he was right though... We’re alike,” The girl murmurs to herself, also perplexed by our resemblance.

“Don’t talk to her just yet!” Someone orders sternly from farther behind me. The voice is strangely familiar...

I keep staring at the blonde, dumbfounded. Why are we almost identical?

“Don’t worry,” she whispers to me. “I’m as perplexed as you.”

“Anne!” The man’s voice is nearer.

“Sorry!” Anne replies sheepishly, backing away from me. Somebody enters the room, heavy footsteps loud and clear on the wooden floorboards.

“Well, well Sophie you’ve got the knack of getting people into trouble, including yourself.” The man chuckles, placing himself in front of me.

It takes me barely a second to recognize him.

“Dad?!” I gasp.

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