Your so pretty when you cry

Amy was a normal girl living in England, London, her friend Cindy had a cousin Harry who moved into the same block with his four friends. Harry takes a liken to Amy and she likes him back but she wont admit it because of Cindy, she doesn't what to do that to her best friend. But will Cindy really care about Harry and Amy when her and one of Harry's friends start to like each other?
Read to find out


3. WHAT?

I couldn't help but think about what Harry said, was Cindy ruling my life? Was I letting her do it without realising that she was? Did I even like Harry? I knew the answer to that, yes I did like Harry, in fact I liked Harry a lot. I was trying so hard to do right by Cindy but what about doing right by me and Harry?

I didn't realise I had been thinking about it for as long as I did but Cindy walked through the door which meant that it was three o'clock.

"Hey Cindy" I said, I couldn't help but use a harsh tone and I'm not even sure why, its not her fault, I don't want to hurt her.

"You ok?" she asked, I smiled and nodded "ok" she said before heading to the fridge

"I'm going to ask Niall if he wants to go out some time" Cindy said. my jaw dropped open

"What don't you normally wait for the guy to ask"? I asked her confused this was not Cindy

"I do but I have a feeling he wont because of Harry" she said and then I realised, Harry was Cindy's cousin and Niall was one of his best friends, so Cindy would be doing to Harry what Harry would be doing to Cindy by Cindy going out with Niall and Harry going out with me, so maybe we could be after all.

"Umm Cindy?" I asked and then got nervous

"Yeah" she answered

"Oh never mind" I chickened out, why? I want to be with Harry

"Amy what is it?" she asked sounding a bit annoyed

"How would you feel about Harry going out with your best friend?" I asked

"Well your my only best friend and I can tell you don't like him so I don't have to worry about that" she said smiling, almost laughing actually

"Cindy, I like Harry, a lot" I babbled and then hated myself for it, I didn't want to tell her that way.

"What?" Cindy said sounding really annoyed now

"I like Harry" I said again, smiling this time

!You can't, why would you do this to me?" she asked looking hurt

"Your doing the same thing to Harry by liking Niall" I said and that only annoyed her more.

"What, so now this is my fault?" she screamed

"I didn't say that" I defended myself

"You might as well have, Harry wont like you, not that way, he will only ever like you as a friend" she said and that hurt, why was she doing this to me?

"That's not what he was saying this morning" I screamed back, then wished I never did

"He was here this morning" she screamed throwing her hands in the air

"Yeah, he was" I screamed back and smiled, remembering what happened this morning

"And what happened?" she screamed getting more annoyed by the second

"I don't kiss and tell" I screamed, feeling proud of myself

"You kissed him" she screamed

"Yeah and that wasn't the first time" I screamed back, remembering the first time we met

"But you only met him yesterday" she said sounding confused

"I know and he kissed me then" I said smiling

"So you really like him?" she asked and I thought she would accept us then

"I really like him" I said

"Well you cant stay here tonight, get out" she said pushing me towards the door

"What?" I screamed

"Go" she screamed back in my face

I left without saying anything more and the only place I could think of going was Harry's, I felt stupid but what could I do?

I walked up to his door and knocked, hoping he would answer, but no, today was not my day, Louis answered

"Oh hey Amy" he said smiling

"Um hey is Harry here?" I asked nervously

"Um yeah sure come in" he said moving out of the way so I could walk in

"Thanks" I said

"Harry" Louis shouted and with in seconds Harry was in front of us, he looked a bit annoyed and happy at the same time when he saw me

"Umm can we talk?" I asked him, Louis then looked confused, before he left us alone

"What?" Harry asked sitting down, I sat in front of him

"Umm Cindy kicked me out and I have no where else to go, can I stay here tonight?" I asked, he looked confused and then his eyes went soft

"Sure, but why did she kick you out?" he asked

"Because I told her I like you" I said, I was blushing like crazy and had to look down.

"You like me?" he asked while smiling hugely

"Yes Harry I like you" I told him and smiled myself

"And you told Cindy that?" he asked still smiling

"Yeah and I told her we kissed twice" I said and he smiled

"yeah you can stay, I'll tell the boys"

He then left me alone and ten minutes later he came back

"Well you can sleep in my bed tonight and I'll have the sofa" he said smiling

"Thank you Harry" I said hugging him, he then pulled back and kissed me again.

I smiled and kissed him back, he broke away,

"Want to watch a movie?" he asked smiling down at me

"Yeah sure" I answered smiling back

We watched movies the whole day and I forgot all about Cindy, when it came ten o'clock I decided it was late enough to sleep.

"Harry I'm tired" I told him

"Okay I'll show you to my room" he said turning the tv off and walking up the stairs with me following behind him

We walked into a room with a huge white and black bed, a wardrobe, some drawers and a sofa, it was all very tidy.

"Do you need something to sleep in?" he asked

"Oh yeah" I said and he laughed

He threw me boxers and a top

"Thanks" I said

"No problem" he said smiling

"I'll sleep on the sofa now" he said

I got changed and crawled into bed, I don't know if me and Harry are dating or not, I'm really not sure, I hope we are though, I really like him.

When it was about midnight, I felt someone kissing my neck from my shoulder and back again, I knew it was Harry, he crawled into bed behind me and held me close while kissing me, It sent shivers up my back, the good kind.

"I know I said I would sleep on the sofa, but I'm too tall for it and it hurt my back" he said still kissing me, but I pretended to sleep not wanting him to know I was awake.

"I just wanted to curl up with you" he said, he then began to suck at my neck and I couldn't take it, I stopped pretending to sleep and rolled over, kissing him, he kissed me back and ran his tongue across my bottom lip waiting for me to let him enter my mouth.

I bit his bottom lip and then let him enter, we kissed for a while longer before I fell asleep



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