Your so pretty when you cry

Amy was a normal girl living in England, London, her friend Cindy had a cousin Harry who moved into the same block with his four friends. Harry takes a liken to Amy and she likes him back but she wont admit it because of Cindy, she doesn't what to do that to her best friend. But will Cindy really care about Harry and Amy when her and one of Harry's friends start to like each other?
Read to find out


4. waking up

I woke up to a sleeping Harry and couldn't help but smile at the sight, he was gorgeous and he was mine, I was the lucky one that got to wake up to him. I really like Harry and nothing anyone does will change that, I just hope one day Cindy can accept that.

I went to get out of bed and get a shower but Harry had other ideas, he tightened him arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. I didn't even know he was awake until now.

"Morning beautiful" he said opening his eyes


"That's all I get" he smiled

"Oh sorry morning handsome" I laughed


"Harry Cindy's at the door" Louis shouted

My eyes widened what was she doing here?

Me and Harry walked down hand in hand

"What do you want?" Harry asked

"I want to talk to the both of you" she said walking in

We followed her into the living room.

"Ok so I thought about and I don't want to lose you Amy, or you Harry" she said "So I'm willing to accept the both of you"

I smiled at her and so did Harry

"Thanks" I smiled

"No problem"

Niall came into the living room just then and Cindy had the biggest smile ever on her face, Niall's smile got pretty bit too when he saw Cindy. He walked over and hugged her.

Harry looked disturbed, I laughed at him and whispered so only he could hear "I think they like each other"

*Authors note*

Sorry for the short not good chapter, but anyway here it is





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