Your so pretty when you cry

Amy was a normal girl living in England, London, her friend Cindy had a cousin Harry who moved into the same block with his four friends. Harry takes a liken to Amy and she likes him back but she wont admit it because of Cindy, she doesn't what to do that to her best friend. But will Cindy really care about Harry and Amy when her and one of Harry's friends start to like each other?
Read to find out


2. Hungry


"Amy I'm going to work, you should go by and check on the boys today" Cindy shouted up the stairs to me.

"Yeah ok I will, bye" I shouted back, knowing that I probably would not be leaving this house today, but I knew she would keep going on at me about going to make sure the boys were ok and that they settled in well.

"Bye" Cindy shouted as she closed the door.

Ten minutes after Cindy left I got hungry and went down stairs to make something. I was wearing the jammies Cindy got me from Paris when she was away with her family; they were really short, shorts that were black and lacy at the bottom with a matching white and black top.

I was actually cold walking through the house, when I walked to the kitchen I stood at the door, stretched and let out a big yawn. I then walked to the cupboard to see what I could make.

I heard the back door open and turned around to see Harry standing by my kitchen table. He scared the shit out of me and I screamed my head off while covering my eyes, I don't think I've heard anyone laugh as much as he did.

"Harry what are you doing here?" I asked when I had recovered

"I wanted to see you and I saw Cindy leave ten minutes ago" he said and I couldn't help but smile, Harry wanted to see me and then I snapped back to reality, what did I care if Harry wanted to see me? He was Cindy's cousin and nothing more, nothing less, that's just how it would have to be.

"Right well Harry you can leave now" I said pointing to the door

"I'm not going anywhere" he said and I sighed, why did he have to make me want him so bad? I didn't want to throw him out and the longer he stayed here the less likely I would be to through him out.

"Harry just go, before I phone the police" I said hoping that would make him leave

"You won’t do it" Harry said cockily

"Watch me" I said walking over to the phone and picking it up and putting it to my ear, not even hitting a number

"You don't want to do that" he said cockily again

"And why's that?" I asked

But he just took the phone from my hand and threw it across the room, probably breaking it for all I knew. He then grabbed my waist and pushed me again the corner of the kitchen cabinets. I gasped "Harry" I managed to squeeze out, he smirked and traced a finger along the inside of my thigh,

"Harry stop" I tried to breathe properly, but I didn't really want him to stop, no wait I did, I did right?

He laughed

"I think we both know, you don't want that" he whispered against my neck, he moved my hair from my shoulder and kissed the whole way down my neck.

"Don't give me the speech about Cindy" he said sounding annoyed

"Harry don't" I spat

"I know you want me to, your body is screaming yes and I'm pretty sure your head is too" He whispered again my neck again.

He kissed down my neck again and I moaned under his touch, unable to stop myself. He picked my up and at me on the counter, he ran his fingers the whole way around my thighs right to the top while kissing my neck, I don't care about Cindy right now, this feels too good.

I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling slightly every now and then. He stopped what he was doing, looked me in the eyes and smiled, I pulled his face back to me and he kissed my lips, I opened my mouth to let him in and I felt his tongue explore inside it. His tongue was soft and warm and I just wanted more of him. I ran my fingers all over his back as we kissed, not wanting to miss a single piece of him.

He then pulled away and stepped back

"I knew you wanted me" he said cockily smiling

I couldn't breathe right, I was gasping for air and that made him smile more, I was still sitting on the counter, he moved my legs over so he could slip into the middle of them. He then cupped my face in his hands and leaned in slowly and passionately, he just kissed for a few seconds before I trailed my tongue alone his bottom lip asking for entrance, I grabbed the back of his head, wanting the kiss to be rougher, and that's what happened, the kiss got a whole lot rougher, I started to play with his hair again and I felt him moan, that made me smile during the kiss then causing his to smile.

His hands found my thighs again and he began to stroke them, gently at first, making me moan soft and quietly, but then he started to rub and I moaned loudly making him smile and wanting me more.

I then pulled away, not wanting to go any further with him tonight.

"Harry you should leave" I said pushing him away and getting down from the kitchen counter

"What? Why?" he asked trying to hold me again, but I was determined not to let him, if he held me I wouldn't want him to let go, I actually really like Harry, but Cindy will never forgive me if she finds out about this.

"Harry because Cindy won’t like the thought of us together and I won’t go against her that way" I said hoping he would understand

"Ok yeah sure I get it, Cindy rules your life like she does everyone else's" Harry shouted with a tight jaw before walking out the back door and slamming it behind him

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