Little Lily Luna Potter

What happens when Lily is attacked by a werewolf? Scorpius and Lily romance later in the story.


5. The Kiss

Two days later and I was in the Slytherin common room, it was almost five o'clock and I was going to go to my Dad's office to change into a werewolf there, I had remembered to take the wolfsbane potion, so I would be able to keep my mind while I was waiting to change back.

I sighed, threw my bag over my back and walked over to the passage that would lead me out of the common room, I glanced around the room; Scorpius was talking to a group of Slytherin girls, I saw him look over at me, probably expecting me to come and join him like the other girls, well I wasn't going to! I wasn't like them and they would probably never be like me, I stopped looking at him and walked out of the common room, dreading changing into a werewolf, it hurts when I change, unbelievably so, It was your whole body lengthening and changing, growing claws and hair, all in the space of minutes

I walked up a couple flights of stairs, down the hall and knocked on my Dad's office door.

Harry answered the door quickly, he looked tired and stressed, but he was smiling all the while.

"Hello Lil's, Come on in." Harry said, moving out of the way so I could step inside.

I walked inside, dropped my bag on the floor and sat on the chair opposite to his desk, the moon was going to rise soon, I was feeling as sick as I could be, there were bags under my eyes and I was looking paler then usual.

Harry bent down next to me and gave me a light kiss on the cheek, "It'll be fine." Harry promised.

I didn't say anything, just looked at my hands that were entwined on my lap.

About a half an hour later, the moon had risen and I could feel it, I could feel the change starting, I glanced out the window and screamed a little, the moon was out there, I could see it. I stood up from my seat and my bones began lengthening, I screamed again, louder this time, it was torture. Why did this happen to me! No, it was my dad's fault. It was his entire fault. I screamed and shook my head. No. I can't begin thinking like this. Maybe it was the Slytherin part of me coming out? I screamed louder as the transformation finished. I whimpered and lay down on the ground; I curled up into a ball in my wolf form.

I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, I had a blanket over me. I looked out the window, it was still night, so the moon would still be up. I looked up at my Dad's desk, he was asleep against the desk and he hadn't even left me alone. I felt comforted by that, that he wouldn't even leave encase I needed him. I stared out the window of my dad's window, watching it get a little lighter outside every hour.

Finally, the moon went away and I went through the painful transformation back into a human.

About an hour later, I was out of my Dad's office and to the great hall, I wondered if anyone had heard me screaming last night. Hopefully they hadn't, but I would need to find somewhere else to change instead of my dad's office. I walked into the great hall, looking even paler then usual. I sat down at the Slytherin table, not hungry I just looked around the great hall, bored as usual.

"Hey, Potter." I heard Scorpius Malfoy say. I turned my head to look at him.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Will you come outside and talk to me for a second?" He asked, almost kindly.

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't think you want me to say it here." Scorpius said.

My eyes widened, did he know? Did he know that I hadn't been in the common room last night? Or had he heard me screaming in my dad's office? I just nodded my head, speechless, I followed him outside of the castle and to the edge of the lake, no one else was there.

Scorpius turned to look at me "You didn't come back to the common room last night." Scorpius said.

I shrugged my shoulders "I wasn't feeling well so I went to the hospital wing." I lied.

"You weren't." Scorpius said, smirking.

"Prove it." I snapped, frowning

"I heard you screaming." He said.

"It… uh… It hurt." I said, staring at him.

Scorpius leaned down to whisper in my ear "I know what you are." He whispered.

I took a few steps away from him, looking frightened, "But… how?" I asked, what was the point in lying now?

"I asked my Dad." He said and shrugged his shoulders, like it was nothing, like Draco hadn't sworn not to tell anyone, I was getting annoyed. I could have slapped Scorpius right then, what if he told someone? What if he told everyone, and then they told their parents and I had to leave the school? Even now, parents don't want their children around a werewolf. "I'm not going to tell anyone." Scorpius added, staring down at me with what seemed like pity. Well. I didn't need his pity!

"You better not!" I muttered, looking at the ground, I hated that he knew now. Then, I felt his fingers lifting my chin up, so that I was looking into his grey eyes and before I knew it, he had placed his lips upon mine and was kissing me.

I pushed him away.

"What do you think you're doing?" I snarled, I couldn't kiss a Malfoy! My parents hated that family, with enough reason too.

"Why can't I kiss you?" Scorpius asked, almost shocked, like he couldn't believe that a girl wouldn't want to kiss him.

"I … I don't like you." I said, trying to sound confident, but even I knew that it didn't sound very confident.

"Oh really?" Scorpius asked, his eyebrow raised and smirking at me.

"Yes! Now, I need to get to class… so, bye." I said and turned away from him, I walked quickly up to the castle, leaving Scorpius standing there alone.

I rushed off to my charms class; he had just stolen my first kiss… I'm not going to say it wasn't a nice kiss because it was nice, he had such soft lips…And I'm not going to say that Scorpius isn't very good looking, because he is very good looking.

I shook my head and tried to stop thinking about Scorpius, I was far too early for charms class, so I just sat there and waited for the class to fill up, in truth, I shouldn't have even been in charms class, I could have passed out I was so tired from the previous night, but, then again, I was too stubborn to miss out on class.

Charms class went by quickly; I already knew the charm the professor was trying to teach us.

Before I knew it, it was dinner time and we had hardly gotten any homework, I walked into the great hall and sat at the Slytherin table, avoiding Scorpius's gaze, I started to eat some stew, at least I could go to bed now… get some rest… I had almost finished the stew when I felt a tap on my back; I turned to see Sam Flint, the Slytherin captain.

"Yes?" I asked

"Training starts tonight, in case you forgot." Sam said.

"Oh I did forget… Sorry." I said and stood up, I needed to go and ask my dad if he had managed to get her a broomstick yet. "Uhh. I'll be there." I said, if she had to she would use one of the school brooms.

I stood up from the table, Sam had went and sat with some of his friends. I looked over at the teachers table, he was looking at me and grinning, he must have gotten the broom! I started to walk towards the teachers table and he left his dinner to come and talk to me, I opened my mouth to speak, but Harry got there first.

"Yes, I got the broom, it's in my office, arrived this morning, after you went to breakfast." Harry said, beaming, probably because of the fact that two of his kids were seekers and the other a captain…

"Can we go see it?" I asked enthusiastically, grinning.

"Yes, of course." Harry said and led the way out of the great hall and to his office. Harry opened the door and I half ran into the office, excited to see the new broomstick, my new broomstick. It laid there, on the desk, all shiny and new, she read the name on the side of it, the name read 'Nimbus 3001' Lily's jaw dropped, this broom was better then Albus's, he had the Nimbus 3000. "Wow, Dad… thank you." Lily said, staring at the broom in absolute awe.

"Are you sure that you should go to practise, I mean… after last night? Aren't you tired? You look very ill, Lily." Harry said, frowning, he was just worried about his daughter, as any father would be.

"Well, I'm not feeling great…" I said, finally taking her eyes from the broom to look at him. "But I can't miss the first practise!" I said, grinning.

Harry shook his head "Just like your mother." Harry muttered, grinning now.

I picked up the broom "I'm going to go and test it out!" I said and ran out of his office, eager to try the new broomstick out. I ran out onto the grounds and climbed onto the broomstick, and then I kicked off from the ground, yes, first years still weren't meant to have brooms in the first year, but I was an exception because I had managed to get a spot on the Quidditch team. I flew on the broom for ages, then finally decided it was time to go down to the Quidditch pitch and get changed into my Quidditch uniform for practice, I was beginning to get really tired by now, but the excitement overpowered it.

I got to the Quidditch pitch and Sam was already there, he was carrying my Slytherin Quidditch uniform over to me, I took it from him, grinning, but he was looking at my new broomstick.

"Is that really… a Nimbus 3001? The best broomstick made so far?" He asked.

I nodded my head "Yeah, it is. My dad just got it today." I said.

Sam grinned "We are so going to win this year!" Sam said triumphantly, taking his eyes off of the broomstick and looking at me "You better go get changed, we'll be starting soon, Scorpius is in the changing room too." Sam said and he walked away from me.

I nodded my head, I didn't know that he was on the Quidditch team, well this was going to be just great, and I couldn't even ignore him here. I walked into the changing room and changed into my Quidditch uniform, it was a bit big, but it would be fine, they probably didn't have a uniform smaller then this, probably because it had mostly been boys on the Slytherin team before I had gotten my place as Seeker...

I chanced a glance at Scorpius; he was looking back at me. I cursed under my breath, he had seen me looking.

"I didn't know you got the seeker place." Scorpius said softly.

"What? Your dad didn't fill you in on that information either?" I snapped at him, I still wasn't going to talk to him, he could at least say sorry or something…

"I'm a beater." Scorpius said casually.

"That's nice." I muttered, rolling my eyes.

"Is that a Nimbus 3001?" he asked, it seemed like he really wanted to talk to me, maybe he was a nice guy when he wasn't trying to show off in front of his friends.

"Uhh. Yeah, it is." I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"Yeah, I have the 3000 one." Scorpius said, thankfully, the rest of the team had come in to get changed so I didn't have to keep talking to Scorpius; I just turned away from him and looked at the wall, while the other players began to speak to Scorpius. Soon, Sam had called us all outside to start the practice.

"Alright, we have two new players. Scorpius Malfoy, the beater and Lily Potter, the new Seeker." Sam said.

The other team mates looked from me to Scorpius and then looked back at Sam.

"Can we start now?" asked an angry looking sixth year.

"Yes. Now up in the air." Sam said, I took off from the ground with my broom and waited for Sam to release the snitch. Sam looked over at me "Are you ready, Lily?" Sam asked.

I nodded my head. "Yeah." I said.

"Alright, I'll let the snitch go then." Sam said and he let the snitch go, then it flew off into the air.

I looked around the pitch and then began to circle the pitch, watched them play every once in a while, Scorpius was actually a very good beater, the quaffle didn't even get near any of the chasers, the rest of the team was good, but not great. The keeper, who was Sam, was really good too. The Slytherin team was actually good, great even.

I went around the pitch once more and I finally found it, the glint of gold I had been looking for, I chased after it, my hand reaching out to catch it so that just one hand was on the broom, I grasped it in my hands, I had caught it! In a descent time too. I flew back down to Sam and the rest of the team.

"I caught it." I said, smiling.

"Well, send it off again and try to catch it faster this time!" Sam said, I nodded my head and set the snitch free, it continued like this before Sam finally said that I could leave, but he kept the rest of the team there, I left the pitch quickly and got changed back into my robes, leaving my broom in the broom cupboard I went back up to the castle and simply went to bed, exhausted.

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