Little Lily Luna Potter

What happens when Lily is attacked by a werewolf? Scorpius and Lily romance later in the story.


7. Death and Cruciatus Curse

A day later, I was still in the Weasley house and was talking to Hugo when Harry walked into the room, looking sad, he looked sternly at us all, Me, Albus, James, Rose, Hugo, Fred, Roxanne, Molly and Lucy. Everyone was silent, we all stared at Harry.

"Everyone, Draco Malfoy has asked me to look after Scorpius and bring him to the platform… Draco's wife, Astoria was killed. He says that he feels that Scorpius would be safest here." Harry looked around at us all "I don't want any one of you to tease Scorpius, or hex him, or do anything to him at all. Okay?" Harry asked he hadn't raised his voice once; it made me feel like he was being really serious about what he was saying. Everyone just nodded at Harry "He'll be here in a few minutes." Harry said and left the room.

I sighed; my Dad had even seemed upset about Astoria Malfoy being killed. I wondered about how Astoria had been killed… but I decided not to think about it for long. I felt my self becoming a little sorry for Scorpius, I don't know what I would do if my Mum was killed. I decided not to tease him at all; I could be nice to him… just this one time.

A few minutes later, Scorpius walked into the room where we all were, he was looking even paler then usual and his eyes were red, he had obviously been crying a lot. Draco walked in behind Scorpius, Draco's eyes were red too, he didn't look at any of us, he just nodded at Scorpius and said "I'll see you soon." then walked out of the room. Scorpius sat down in an empty seat, not looking at any of us. One by one, my cousins all left the room until it was just me and Scorpius left in the room. I sat on the chair beside him. "I'm really sorry about your mum, Scorpius." I said softly.

Scorpius didn't reply, I hadn't expected him to anyway. We just sat there in silence, but I'm sure I heard him sobbing quietly a few times.

Two days later and we were on the Hogwarts express and on our way to Hogwarts. James, Albus, Rose, Hugo, Fred and Roxanne had all gotten into one train compartment together, so there was no space for me. I walked up and down the train looking for an empty compartment, but I could only find a compartment where Scorpius sat, alone. I tapped on the door and then opened it "Can I sit here?" I asked.

Scorpius nodded his head "Thanks." I muttered and sat down across from Scorpius. I let my hair fall down across my face and took out my potions book. I yawned and started to read it, I let my head fall against the window and I soon fell asleep.

I woke up when Scorpius shook my shoulder to wake up "Potter, if you say one thing about me crying about my mother to anyone I'll make sure you regret it." Scorpius hissed and then walked out of the compartment.

I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window, the train had stopped. I shook my head; Scorpius didn't make any sense at all… I wouldn't have told anyone even if he hadn't threatened me.

I shook my head and stood up; almost everyone was already out of the train. I ran to catch up with Hugo, Albus and James. "Hey Lil's" Albus said when I had caught up with them.

"Hey." I said.

"I'm so hungry; I hope this sorting doesn't last long." Hugo said. I laughed.

"Hugo, you are just like Uncle Ron." I said as we reached the carriages, I climbed into one and Hugo, Albus and James followed.

Soon, I was sitting at the Slytherin table. The feast had started and I was ignoring stares from the new first years, they were staring at my face. I probably should have hexed one of them, but it just wasn't worth getting detention for. I glanced up the table to the other Slytherins. Scorpius had turned to look at Albus on the Gryffindor table "Hey, Potter. I bet Slytherin will beat Gryffindor for the Quidditch cup again this year." Scorpius said with a smirk "All because of your little sister."

"All right Scorpius, that's it. Meet me on the corridor on the fourth floor tonight at midnight; it'll be empty so we can duel there. If you win, I'll quit the Gryffindor Quidditch team but if I win, you will leave me and all of my family alone for the rest of the year." Albus said.

Scorpius looked completely shocked "Alright, Potter. I'll be there." Scorpius said and turned around to the other Slytherins.

I looked back to my food; I was completely shocked. How could Albus agree to this?

I decided I would go to the fourth floor at midnight and make sure no one got hurt, or just stop them fighting completely. I'm not going to let my brother get hurt, even if he was stupid enough to challenge Scorpius to a duel.

A few hours later, I was in my dorm room and it was about to strike midnight. I looked around at the other Slytherin girls in my year, they were all fast asleep and one of them was even snoring. I probably should have tried to become friends with one of them last year but, it's too late now.

I crept outside the door, careful to be quiet. The common room was empty; Scorpius must have already gone to the fourth floor. I slipped out of the common room door and went up the winding stairs until I got to the fourth floor. It took a while to get to the fourth floor because I had to keep looking around for teachers. It was about ten minutes past midnight when I finally found them on the fourth floor, I watched them from a distance, but I could hear them speaking.

"What? Upset that your Mummy is dead, Malfoy? Oh, why don't you go crying to Daddy?" Albus hissed at Scorpius. Scorpius must have hexed him.

"SHUT UP ABOUT MY MOTHER!" Scorpius yelled, holding his wand up towards Albus.

"Oh, is little Scorpius going to cry?" Albus asked with a grin on his face.

"Crucio!" Scorpius almost screamed at Albus. Albus fell to the ground screaming, but I had already set out at a run, I pushed Scorpius over so that he fell to the ground and lost his concentration on Albus.

"What? Did your dad teach you that spell? Or maybe your grandfather!" I yelled at Scorpius, then I turned to Albus and helped him from the ground "Al, Al are you alright?" I asked.

"I-I'm fine Lily, I'm alright." Albus said, but his voice was so shaky I didn't believe him.

"Albus, I'm sorry… honestly." Scorpius said I looked at him; he had tears coming down his face.

"Shut up Scorpius!" I hissed at him.

Harry and Draco came running down the hall, they had heard the screams and must have come running.

"What happened here?" Harry demanded. I looked at him, he looked genuinely angry.

"Scorpius used the cruciatus curse on Albus." I muttered.

Harry looked to Scorpius and then to Albus and then to Draco, he looked completely shocked.

"Scorpius, who taught you that spell?" Draco hissed at him.

"Grandfather did." Scorpius said, looking to the ground and wiping his eyes "It's not my fault! Albus was teasing me! Teasing me about mother…" Scorpius muttered.

Harry shot a glare at Albus "Is this true?" Harry asked.

"Yes…" Albus said, looking to the ground.

"Then why were you out of bed after hours, Lily?" Draco asked.

"I heard Albus and Scorpius talking at the feast… I just came to make sure no one got hurt." I said.

"Come on, you three can come to the headmistresses office now." Harry said and turned the other way and started walking down the hall. Draco pushed Scorpius ahead of him so I and Albus followed behind.

Professor McGonagall was the headmistress, she was very old by now and she didn't teach any of the subjects any more, but she did look after the Hogwarts affairs… She was always really nice to me and my brothers, so I hated the thought of going to see her because I was in trouble. Tears started to form in my eyes, I didn't know why though… maybe because I was tired and scared and annoyed about everything that had happened that night, I didn't let the tears fall from my eyes though, no, I was far too stubborn for that. I just followed silently and watched as my Dad said 'apple drops' to the stone gargoyle outside the office. We all stepped inside and the staircase started to move up, bringing us to the headmistress's office. Harry knocked on the door once and then stepped inside.

"Professor?" Harry asked.

"Yes, Potter?" I heard a croaky but kind voice that I knew to be Professor McGonagall's say.

"Scorpius Malfoy here has used the cruciatus curse on Albus Potter… but he was... provoked." Harry said.

Professor McGonagall looked up at Albus and then slowly looked at Scorpius "I'm sure you both know how serious this is… I should expel you Scorpius and take your wand away from you." Scorpius whimpered at that "But, you have been under a considerable amount of stress lately…" she looked up at Scorpius sharply "Don't think I'm excusing your actions. You will be punished. I'm taking two hundred points from Slytherin and I will make sure everyone in the school knows who lost them the points. You will also have detention from me for the next four months, every day, after your classes." She paused for a second "And, you will also write an apology letter to Albus here. Yes, I believe that punishment is enough. Far better then sending you to Azkaban." Professor McGonagall said, and then she looked to Albus "Don't think I am excusing your actions either, you were out of bed after hours, obviously duelling with Scorpius." She paused and looked at Harry again "In what way did Albus provoke Scorpius?"

"He was teasing Scorpius about his mother." Harry said.

Professor McGonagall frowned "Albus that just won't do. I'm taking one hundred points from Gryffindor and you will have detention with me for two months and you will also write an apology letter to Scorpius." Professor McGonagall said, then she paused for a second and looked right at me "And, Lily what are you doing here?"

I looked right back at Professor McGonagall "I heard Scorpius and Albus talking at the Feast… Albus challenged Scorpius to a duel… So I decided to come and make sure they didn't get hurt too bad." I said.

"Alright, you will have detention with me for a week and fifty points will be taken from Slytherin for being out of bed after hours." She looked back at Scorpius "And if anything like this ever happens again, you will be out of this school faster then you can say Quidditch, Scorpius."

"Thank you, Professor." Draco said and walked out of the room, pulling Scorpius with him.

Albus walked out of the room by himself, probably annoyed Scorpius hadn't been expelled.

I looked on the walls of the room, I looked at the portraits of the past headmasters and headmistresses of Hogwarts, most of them were asleep or pretending to be, the only ones awake were Dumbledore and another man. I stared at the picture of the man with the thick, greasy black hair, black eyes and a long nose. "Is that Severus Snape, Dad?" I asked.

"It most certainly is, Lily." The portrait of Severus Snape said to me, my eyes widened and Harry chuckled.

"Is that who you named Albus after?" I asked, I had never seen a picture of Snape, I had heard of him and he had been described to me often enough, but we didn't have any pictures of him and I had never been into the headmaster's office…

"It is." Harry said, he was smiling slightly "Albus Severus Potter named after two great Headmasters at Hogwarts." Harry said softly.

"You are too kind, Harry." Dumbledore said, but Severus was staring at me.

"It's nice to see at least one Potter in the great house of Slytherin." Snape said.

I went to bed soon after, feeling a lot more pride to be in the Slytherin house.

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