Little Lily Luna Potter

What happens when Lily is attacked by a werewolf? Scorpius and Lily romance later in the story.


6. A Little Visitor

Almost a year later and I was in my house with my parents, we had a few days left of summer before the start of a new year, my second year, it had been a great year, well, for me, Slytherin had won every match they played thanks to me, we had even won Gryffindor, I had caught the snitch before Albus had. Neither of my brothers had spoken to me for a month after that. I hadn't spoken to Scorpius either, but he had kept my secret at least, so I couldn't hate him. My dad had stayed as a teacher for the rest of the year and then decided that he wanted this job for another year, my mum agreed, as long as she could come and visit him in the house. I had even passed all of my exams; I got an 'O' in almost everything, except for transfiguration, which, lets face it, was never my best subject. When I got home that summer, I had put Slytherin posters all over my room, but that was more to annoy my brothers then anyone else, they continue hating Slytherin, even though I'm in Slytherin.

Right now, it was early morning and I was walking downstairs, I usually got up earlier then everyone else, but today my dad was up before me, he was in the kitchen drinking pumpkin juice, eating toast and sitting at the table, looking tired. Harry looked up at me when I walked into the room, I hadn't changed very much since last year, I was just a little taller and my hair was a little longer but I was still the smallest and shortest in my family.

"Morning." I said, helping myself to some pumpkin juice.

"Morning." Harry said with a big yawn. I sat down at the kitchen table, looking at my dad.

"Why are you up so early?" I asked.

"Needed to pack the car for going to your grandparent's house." Harry said.

I nodded my head lightly, my parents, well, mainly my Mum had had us packing everything we wanted to bring for the next couple of days, but it wasn't just packing for the few days in our grandparents house, it was packing for Hogwarts as well because we would be going straight to Hogwarts after the visit. It was a lot of packing for one day, but, then of course we had to do it by hand because I and my brothers still weren't able to use magic…

At least my aunties, uncles and cousins would be there, so it wasn't just me and my brothers trying to amuse ourselves, actually, I was looking forward to the visit, I hardly ever got to see all of my cousins at the same time, unless we were in Hogwarts, which wasn't half as fun because I was in Slytherin and they were all in Gryffindor. Me, the odd one out.

Well, thankfully this visit didn't have me turning into a werewolf and screaming outside… that had only happened once though, two years ago when we had all been together, the whole family, my dad hadn't wanted me to go, but I had insisted. I had been careful to take plenty of wolfsbane potion that night; I didn't want the entire Weasley and Potter being turned into werewolves, did I? I was screaming a lot, it must have upset my grandma because the next day, when I was human again she gave me a big hug and asked me what I wanted her to make for dinner… the others didn't show if they had been upset or not.. But that night, when I was in the fields next to my grandparent's house... I could have sworn I saw a person, watching me and then simply disappearing into the house again, it wasn't a ghost, no, ghosts didn't look the way this man did, he was almost solid, but he didn't talk to me, I didn't know if I was seeing things or if it was real.. but I was sure I recognised this man, he looked a little like Teddy Lupin, but I hadn't been sure if I was just making things up then, but his eyes.. This mans eyes really did remind me of Teddy. I hadn't seen that man since then, I didn't tell anyone either, not even my parents… And then, one day, a few months later I looked at the picture of Remus Lupin that was on the window sill of our dining room, it had been there for so long that I had hardly ever looked at it any more, I immediately recognised it as the werewolf that my dad had talked so lovingly about and who was Teddy's dad, I felt a little stupid for not recognising him and I wondered why I had been able to see him, maybe it was because I was in my werewolf form at the time? Yes, that was probably it…

An hour later, my mum and my brothers had finally decided to get out of bed, I went up the stairs to have a shower and get out of my pyjamas, after my shower I changed into casual clothes; a green and silver striped shirt, shorts (since it was so sunny out) and trainers. I walked down the stairs again, my parents and brothers were all ready to go, so we all piled into the car; I got put in between Albus and James, which was very uncomfortable because they were both getting very tall and they took up all the leg room… I didn't see why we didn't just use flu powder… Dad was probably going to show off his new muggle car to my grandpa Arthur. I chuckled softly at the idea of it.

After a very uncomfortable drive to our grandparents house, we almost fell out of the car to get out, I ran into the house, or 'the burrow' before anyone else did and embraced my grandma in a big hug "Hello Grandma!" I said, laughing softly, I had only seen her last week, but I was still so excited to see her again, you see, my grandma was always there for me when I needed her and she was so easy to talk to..

"Hello dear." Molly said, hugging me back and smiling brightly as the others came in, I ran over and gave my grandpa a hug, smiling at him.

"Hello Lil's." Arthur said, hugging me back tightly.

After all the greetings were made, Molly made us sit down and have some soup because apparently we had had a very long journey.

A little while later everyone started arriving, George and Angelina, with there two kids Fred and Roxanne, Percy and his wife Audrey with their two kids Molly and Lucy. Ron and Hermione with Rose and Hugo, Bill and Fleur couldn't come because they were in France with Fleur's family and Charlie couldn't come either, too busy with his dragons in Romania.

The house was almost bursting with so many people in it and so much talking, it was hard to hear myself think, so I went outside and started to walk around the garden, watching the gnomes running around the garden and causing havoc. The sun was still high in the sky and it was unbelievably warm, I was glad I had worn the shorts.

I smiled to myself and sat down on the grass; a couple of minutes later I was joined outside by my Uncle George, my dad had told me that George had been quite the joker when he was younger, but he had never been the same since Fred had died in the war, Dad had told me it was like he was missing a part of him. Don't get me wrong, George cracks the best jokes and he's still the funniest wizard ever. I never really got to see George that much, he was always busy with god knows what, this was only the second time I had seen George all summer.

"Hello." I said, looking over at him with a grin.

He grinned back at me "Too noisy in there for you, eh?" George asked.

I nodded my head "Really noisy. How've you been?" I asked.

"Yeah, I've been fine. You?" He asked, leaning back and lying on the ground, looking up into the sky.

"Fine." I said and lay down on the ground next to him.

"What about Hogwarts? What's being in Slytherin like?" George asked.

"I love Hogwarts, I guess it would have been better to get into Gryffindor, but at least I get to play seeker on the team…" I said, smiling slightly "I caught the snitch before Albus did when we were playing against Gryffindor." I said smugly.

"I heard about that."

"Right." I said, it seemed like George had wanted Gryffindor to win the house cup, but he would, George had been a Gryffindor himself…

A few minutes passed until I finally brought up the courage to ask: "George, was Fred just like you?" I asked, sitting up to look at George.

George nodded his head, a slight smile appearing on his face, but the smile seemed some what sad. "He was just like me, probably a better version of me." George said.

"I bet he's still here." I said.

"I hope so." George said with a sigh.

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