After all

Alison moved from New York to Calibasis California with her mother when her dad left them. She has never had trouble making friends. Just keeping them. What happens when her new school isn't so welcoming?


1. Welcome to Calabasis! *Alison P.O.V. *

We were on the way to our new home. Well we as in my Mom and I. We decided to move to Calabasis when my father left us. I'm not going to lie.... I love California! "How much longer do we have untill we reach the house Mom?" "About 5 minutes honey." I'm super excited to see my new house! My family is pretty rich so I know it wont be very small! *5 minutes later* We pulled into the view of a gigantic house! My jaw dropped I was in shock. I ran into the house... It was amazing! It was very modern and chic. I love it! I ran into the biggest room. It was my dream room! it had a walk-in closet the size of a NYC apartment! "I call this room Mom!" "Fine." *After unpacking* I turned on my Mac and face timed my Best-friend Makayla. I showed her the house and my backyard which has a gigantic pool and hot-tub with a waterfall and a trampoline! After about 2 hours of talking to her I hung up and went to sleep in my comfy new comforters! I can't wait to see Calabasis tomorrow! 

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