After all

Alison moved from New York to Calibasis California with her mother when her dad left them. She has never had trouble making friends. Just keeping them. What happens when her new school isn't so welcoming?


2. The neighbors son *Alison P.O.V.*

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking. I threw on a pair of red NYC Lifeguard shorts on and a navy blue crop-top. I walked down the grand staircase into the kitchen with my mom standing there along with two other people. One looked about my moms age and I have to say she looked good for her age! The one next to her was a boy about my age with Golden brown hair up in a quiff. They all turned around and boy was he hot! "Hi honey these are the neighbors next door Pattie and her son Justin!" "Hey... My names Alison." "Well hello beautiful I'm Pattie and this is my son Justin!" "Hey um... I'm Justin" Well they seem nice. "Honey" "Yeah Mom?" I said. "How about you and Justin hang out today and get to know each other me and Pattie are going to the salon... you two will be going to school together." Great.... this will be awkward. "K." *After we all eat* "Bye Mom, see you soon!" Time to have the most awkward 4 hours of my life.

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