The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


37. Unexpected Encounter

I take a look and examine close. It is the Pepsi Logo as a tattoo on his upper arm and I am gob smacked. My mouth widens along with my eyes, I can't believe it, this is such an unexpected encounter. He looks down at the floor and then up at me with a guilty face. "When... did you... get this?" I whisper in a mouse-like way, struggling to even say a word. 

"I got it yesterday evening, and I had been planning on getting it for two years," he whimpers. 

I am mind-blown and just in utter amazement. I hold up his arm and trace my fingers round it, and then look up at him again. I look into his eyes and say "I love it!" and hug him. A tear he sheds from his eye and I feel his heart beat like an 808 drum. I embrace him and we don't let go for two minutes, I feel the warmth in his breath against me as he catches his breath. 

After a while he holds my hands and looks into my eyes, I look into his deep eyes and we both take a deep breath. He then says "I've been waiting to tell you this, ever since I met you.." and there is a huge silence until he says "Alicia, I want us to be best friends... and more.... I'm in love with you. So I was wondering if... you feel the same? Will you... be my girlfriend?" My eyes light up and my face glows like the sun in a desert. I finally alert myself that I need to stop dreaming and do something, so I answer to him "I can't explain my answer in words. So..."

I then clasp my hands around his neck and he puts his arms around my waist. Our heads tilt slightly as we move slowly towards each other and our lips touch. Our lips press and we hold each other tightly, not caring about anything else in the world but each other. It feels like warm air is rushing past us like a hot tornado as we kiss like it doesn't matter about breathing. The kiss is turning into a snog - locking lips and occasionally moaning. How intense it keeps on getting is just shocking but magical. We both have each other tightly grasped by the other and it is like an unbreakable lock. Both of our mouths are just pounding away at each others, and smothering across the area of our lips. It feels so fantastical, sexy, ecstatic and so good. We still haven't let go of each other and it has been about five minutes, not once have we opened our eyes or caught our breath. Exchanging turns to take control, the soft but powerful touch of each other's lips gives us so much pleasure as we make out for so long. Sparks fly and it is like we are taking each other to both sides of the world, our hands are all over each other and I end up shoving him in to the shed, but he doesn't let go. I then pick up the pace and he kisses me even harder like it's that or bust.

After what seemed we could do forever, we loosened our grip and we are panting like mad inside, but only showing a little of it. We see the life inside of each other and draw close, close as being eye to eye. One hand linked with the other's and the other hand around each other's head. His hazelnut green eyes cast me under his spell again as my hazel eyes bewitch him in beauty. He puts his arms securely round my back and swings me round so I gently hit the shed. He pushes me against the shed and holds one of my hands up half way, and he strokes my face. I pull him in and kiss him gently on the forehead, and there is silence and no action. He looks at me and he knows my answer, and I know it too.

He smiles at me and looks at me under his eyes, before I completely die I tilt my head quickly to the side and wink, and then skip off as he watches me. Just astounded at what had just happened, all the love,passion,energy and fury. I do too, you can see it in my face, but luckily I am skipping off from him so he can't see my face. I have figured that I love him.... and I love him bad.

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