The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


20. Phil Brooks

"Hey!" I exclaim as loud as I can in the deafening noise. We are both separated by a huge crowd of people, but I swiftly swerve around them and gently grab his arm and drag him to 'The Street'. "Hi, I know we've met before. I am that girl you met in that restaurant. No? These three words will help, Pepsi Virtual Cheers?"

"Yeah, I remember you, you were that brave girl from England! I remember that. You seem really nice too."

I gaze at him in idolatry and he looks so fine. His spiked blonde hair, peach skin, green hazelnut eyes which all bewitch me. As he looks at me, I just lose myself and indulge in his looks that can only be described as perfection. I notice that his eyes always gleam whenever he looks around and when you look into them, it is like looking into a galaxy of wonder. A vortex of magical swirls and they are as piercing as a supernova. Their sovereignty is taking over me as I lose control of all my senses. His smile makes me feel like I am alive, my heart is radioactive and I melt slowly feeling like every heartbeat is a drop of my melted heart. He is taller than me and he has so many handsome features, it is countless. From every angle I adore him.

"Really? Thanks! You seem like an awesome person too," I then stick out my hand and say "Alicia, nice to meet you, again," and we shake hands.

"Phil Brooks here again! I didn't expect to see you here at this school. Later that night, I was thinking about you and since then I couldn't stop..."

"Wow! Really? That is so sweet. Awww, no one has ever said that about me! You are so nice, sweet and so adorable!" and I start smiling a lot now and so does he.

"I was just wondering if you wanna be friends?"

"Yeah! Sure! I would love that!" and we run off to first class.

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