The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


36. Pepsi Tattoo

Today is a typical Tuesday, which is a school day and it is nearly the end of eight grade with ninth grade coming on. I walk through the doors of our classroom to see everybody just casually talking, and the occasional paper aeroplane being thrown. (Which isn't much seldom here at this school!) Everybody looks at me as I come through the doors and I see a lot of them smiling, or staying where they are and raising a hand, while saying "Hey!". In the corner of the room I see a few students who look at me and make an intense noise, which makes me see if my hair is ok, or if I have anything on my uniform. People turn and look at them and then look at me and start laughing. I blush and turn the colour of cranberry juice. I see Vanessa and Phil talking and laughing together, so I decide to join them and see what they are up to. "Hey guys! What are you up to? I heard you laughing," I say. They look at me puzzled for a second, and then start talking again. "Um, guys. What's so funny? Why'd you just ignore me? People please!" I say raising my tone.

"Chillax, Ali. We are just talking about something you don't need to get involved in," says Vanessa with a huge smile on her face. I am bewildered at what she just said and my mouth forms a perfect 'O' Shape. 

"Are you hiding something from me? Is it about me? Is that why? Tell me! Either of you!" I stress and Melissa drags me off. I break from her hold and she gets Roxanne, Alex and Jake to drag me off. I am struggling to get free and I am punching and kicking in mid-air. I have the fury of a bull and I turn red like the devil. Both of them look shell-shocked to see me this mad and stand together with their eyebrows raised. I have been taken to the girl's toilets by the girls to be calmed down, but I am so angered. Have they said something about me? Or is there secretly something going on? I tell Melissa and Roxanne to go back, and they do as they are told. I hide in a cubicle and lock the door, sit on top of the lid of the toilet and weep. I weep inconsolably and miss registration, which means I have to see Miss.Emerson at break. 

Morning lessons are torture and I can't focus, we are allowed to sit where we want when we work with each other. Phil and Vanessa sit next to each other and clearly stay well out of my way, which is obvious that they are cowards who are scared of me and what I am capable of. I just sit next to Roxanne and I don't talk, she just tries to comfort me but we don't get anything done in the lessons.

At break I can't tell Miss.Emerson that I cried through registration, so I say that I was checking my phone and forgot the time. She replies "Alicia! You know you shouldn't be on your phone for that long, and promptly be at registration. I don't want you to be doing that again, ok?" and we part. I barely scrape my way through the next two periods, and I mumble the occasional word every half an hour or so, until lunch.

I sit on my own in summer haze, wishing for those happy times in this no-exit maze. I shed a tear here and then, and feel so lonely. How could my closest friends betray me? Or just even behave like that with me; I hit myself hard just thinking about how I might spend my days like this now. I stand on the field in my skirt and blouse just looking at the skies, trying to see if I can fly away, but nothing seems to work as my desperately needed antidote. I look down again and see Vanessa coming towards me - I don't even move. "Alicia...I'm sorry. Me and Phil were just getting to know each other as he is your friend and we just wanted to get along. We weren't saying anything about you, nothing bad. And trust me, there is nothing going on between me and him, I know how much he means to you and I wouldn't be that mean to steal him. You two are perfect together" she says calmly.

"Hey! There is nothing going on between me and Phil ok?" I protest. "And if you were just talking, then why did you tell me to buzz off?"

"We just wanted to know each other without you butting in, that's all," she says and sighs.

"Me? Butting in?! How ridiculous! I came in and just wanted to see what you guys were up to."

"I just want us to still be friends Alicia. You are special and..."

I truly do interrupt her and say "You are always my friend Vanessa! Don't you forget that. We are still friends, but just let's put this behind us ok? Moving on as friends," I finish.

We both do our friends hand-shake and she leaves me, and then ten seconds later... Suddenly, I am yanked behind a baby blue, new shed by a strong hand. I yelp and gasp and.... I am staring into the face of Phil. He has me grasped with both hands on my arms with a handful of my blouse. 

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" I shout.

"Shh!" He whispers. "Nobody should know we are here, people will come otherwise. I came here to ask you something."

"Well, answer my questions first. What were you doing with Vanessa?" I scowl at him.

"Nothing, just talking. That's all," he says normally. 

I take a look at his arm and see a part of something on it. Confused and curious, I ask him "Hey, what's... that... on your arm?" I grab his left arm and hold it, his sleeve is covering it. He goes bright red like a postbox and then shyly whispers "I was meant to tell you about this..." and he slowly reveals his arm...



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