The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


30. My week

The rest of my week is going very nicely. But at school, there is a bit of tension between me and those girls that were disturbing and harassing me and Phil. I suppose Phil is calm and collective because we are now so close, and even though we haven't known each other long it feels like we have known each other for years!

At school I am doing well, and as for Mrs. Worrall, she has been fired! Which is such amazing news. Many students are fulfilled with their joy, but a lot of rumours have been floating around, especially in the older years. A lot of people think that she just did her job badly, but many others think that possibly a pupil drove her out, or the teacher herself got in trouble. They think that it is likely to be a seventh grader. Sooner or later, they will find me out and then what can I do? The whole school will know what happened to me and think me vulnerable and weak. It will virtually plant a 'bull's-eye' on my forehead.

In class I am doing well, my teachers are happy with me and our intern report is coming in three weeks just to specify how we are progressing. As for homework, I somehow find time to do it (even though I sometimes stay up 'til midnight doing it).

Also, I am actually settling in really well indeed. Betwixt, I wouldn't of known many names of my fellow classmates, but now I know almost everyone's name in my class. A lot of them are my friends. I have also joined this group of girls who are actually kind, thoughtful and are humble. We are a foursome and each member is exactly like each other.

But, today we were hanging out together and we are yet again approached by that bunch of horrid girls from my first day. "Oh look who it is, that uptight little brat has joined a group full of losers. I thought you'd do better than that," moaned the leader of the group. I learnt that her name was Rachael and the name of her group was 'Fabuluscious Five'. I think that it is a terrible name. What kind of stupidity is this? Fabuluscious? You have got to be kidding me.

I just reply "Leave us alone, you have no business being here."

But she still doesn't give up and mentions ''Well, I'll have you know that I am here for one reason to inform you that you made the biggest mistake of your life, not wanting to be a part of us. Now you are going to get it, big time," she exaggerated.

Then Melissa sticks up for me and says "Well aren't you just a handful and a half? Do you really have nothing better to do than go around being rude to everybody? Just go back to where you came from." Then they rushed off dramatically while we just watched and bid them farewell.

Melissa is a really nice girl. She is a bit short, but she has a huge heart. Her eyes are a sea green and twinkle all day long. Her hair is chestnut brown/red and her skin is peach. Her hands are ever so small and dainty and to school she wears these bows in her hair that make her look like a Disney character. She reminds me a lot of Jade from Little Mix.

Also in our group, is a girl called Vanessa. She is really bright and bubbly and loves all things colourful. She has long, blonde, flowing hair and sapphire blue eyes to give her that 'Barbie Doll' look. Her skin is quite pale, the type that the Irish have and she is as tall as me and very skinny.

There is also another girl in this colony and she is Roxanne. Her hair is fiery red just to match her persona. She is fearless, brave and sassy all at the same time. Her style is quirky and bold which makes her stand out in a loveable way. Her face is completely round, just like a bowling ball and her eyes are a light 'tinted' blue which is a pale, soft colour which almost makes them seemingly fairy-like. She is the shortest of us all, but she is larger than life.

And finally, there is me! I have said all about me before, which then completes the summary of our group and what makes us bond together. Just after the fabu- whatever five had left, we had a mini 'pep-talk' about if we should have a group name. The answer is simply 'yes', so we put on our 'thinking caps' and really rack at our brains for ideas.

We then thought that of maybe if we combine the first letter in our names then it could work.

M. elissa

A. licia

R. oxanne

V. anessa

This spells 'Marv' which is short for marvellous. So we could be simply known as 'M.A.R.V' or just 'Simply Marvellous'. I think it is genius! At least it doesn't sound rather horrific, it is just classic.

Then lessons continued until lunch when me and Phil played soccer with three other people in our class 7C. They were all boys whose names were: Chris, Jake and Alex. They are pretty cool people to hang around with and we all had a brilliant time. We literally just kicked the ball around but chatted as well. They say that only girls can multi-task, but the boys managed to talk and play so they might just have proved that saying to be wrong.

Then lessons in the afternoons went speedily for me on Tuesday and Thursday to get to modelling on time. For Wednesday I just lounged around and did absolutely nothing, with the exception of flicking through magazines and watching a little bit of television.


Today is Friday and the day is done. I pick up my bag and gather everything from my locker, there isn't much which won't hinder me and be in my way. I quickly check my cell phone for any text messages, and there is Phil who leans on the locker door next to mine. "Hey, what's up?" I ask him.

He replies "Nothing much. But I was wanting to know if you and me could walk home together today, do you live near?"

I say "Yes, just round the corner or so. Let's get walking," as I shut my locker and walk with him out of the school gates. I have my phone in my hand and a pen in the other, as it is a touch screen phone. Phil has his out too and quickly checks if there is any messages. But then it rings and he asks to be pardoned. It is his mother on the phone asking him when he is going to be back. He tells her that he is walking back with me and then the call ends.

"Sorry about that," he says.

"No worries. Um, could I have your number?" I ask, feeling a little shy.

"Yeah! Sure," and he tells me it, I write it in pen on my hand along with his name in special writing. I tell him that it will take ages to put it on my phone and I can do that as soon as I get home.

"So, this is my home!" I exclaim, beaming with pride.

"This is just getting better and better," he says laughing. He rings the doorbell on the house next to mine and it is opened by this short woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She looks really nice and looks warmly at Phil and then me.

"Hello, Alicia! I am taking that you are our new next door neighbour?" she says.

"Yes, I am. Just moved in by myself," I reply.

"This is my mom, Alicia. Mari," says Phil pointing to both of us.

"So you two are friends?'' she asks, and I reply with a huge 'yes'. She waves at me and goes back on her house leaving us alone.

"Wow! I am now officially 'The Girl Next Door', huh?" I laugh and he smiles at me. We wish each other a nice weekend and settle down in our own houses.

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