The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


9. My First Evening in Chicago, Illinois

I have unpacked everything and I feel a bit more settled. I never thought that I would finish unpacking in less than hour! But I am feeling really hungry, so I am going to have to dine out because the hotel has no catering service, just accommodation in rooms. I actually fancy wearing something pretty tonight so I take a look through my wardrobe and pick out this silk, sparkly purple dress. It is above my knees and has two straps but no sleeves. The bottom is slightly ruffled and is a bit puffy. I decide to wear some extra glitz with this glam, so I  go to my jewellery box and pick out this purple topaz necklace with silver underlay. I have had it for a while now and haven't had the chance to wear it, so tonight is going to be that night. I also choose some silver bracelets with crystals on.

Now that I feel I am almost ready to go out. I slap a little of my moisturizer on and put on some lip balm. I don't ever wear make up for two reasons, firstly, I am allergic to all make up and secondly, I just don't see the point in it! People think I am very strange for this, but it's true. Finally I grab some sparkly pumps and a matching purse with money, lip balm, moisturizer etc. (I am carrying this because I have very sensitive skin and if it feels dry then I can go to the ladies' room and put some on. My good plan!) My card I take as well and I set off.



I leave the hotel wondering how good the food is here in Chicago. I heard that it is very tasty and I know that there are some restaurants here that are in England as well. Catering businesses that are global like: McDonald's, KFC, Subway etc. But it is just a question of finding them. I also know some places that aren't in my county like Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili's etc. I stroll down the street looking quite dressed up. I strut down the street because I feel like I'm on top of the world and while I'm at it, I get a lot of whistles coming my way. Which many are from teenagers and young men, some are hot some are not, they are all with friends as to which none of the whistlers are alone. They all smile or wink at me and carry on walking. I take notice but do not show any definition of interest. I smile back as a friendly gesture and that is all. I have to think of my safety first as I am all on my own, no parents or carers with me for protection. I swiftly move on and walk to the town centre. It is all lit up and it looks so compelling in my eyes. Bright lights, bursts of vibrant colour, an amazing atmosphere, warm wind gently blowing in your face. It is like I'm in a dream, but this time it is reality and life just feels so good. I soak up and relish all of this prodigious display and admire it with brilliant remarks to its impeccable standard. I toss my head to the right while searching for a place to eat. I spot many different places, with an array of options to choose from. (I am in the CBD so obviously there will be an extensive amount of businesses and industries.) My taste buds are tingling from this aroma that is spiralling through the air, it reaches me and I feel at ease, but  my hunger increases even more that I feel great pain thriving in my stomach that I have to get to a place soon.

I look to me left and see a Nando's restaurant and I go inside. I see that it has a lot of people inside, but they are all eating or ordering, none are queuing up except for me. I am greeted by a waitress and escorted to a table to order with the menu I had been handed. I flick briefly through it and choose 'Chicken Butterfly' which I want to be with hot peri-peri sauce to top it. I order a Pepsi and start waiting. Within no time, I receive it and I am quite surprised by their service which is fast and efficient. Without hesitation I tuck in and devour my meal starting with the chicken. It is juicy and tender, well cooked and hot! I feel it sizzling on my tongue in my mouth and I quickly swallow it before I burn my mouth. Speedily, I take a big sip of my Pepsi and start to feel like a fire has just been put out inside of me. With instant relief, I polish off the remains to my dinner and place my fork and knife together, as a polite gesture to imply that I am finished. The waitress takes away my plate and asks if I am done, I reply with a simple "Yes." I take another sip of my Pepsi while looking around the room. I see this boy in the corner on his own looking at me. He looks friendly and I smile, he smiles back. He lifts his glass which is filled with Pepsi like mine, so I lift mine back as a virtual 'Cheers' and grin. He grins back and I suddenly feel something. It feels nice inside, like the sun is shining happily and little bluebirds are flying chirpily over a rainbow. I think that he looks quite cute to be honest. But before I can take another glimpse, he comes and sits beside me. He says "Hi" to me in a relaxed way, I reply "Hi" as well. I then say "Guessing that you like Pepsi with that virtual 'Cheers' then and there."

He laughs "Yeah, it tastes pretty good." He then introduces himself saying "I'm Philip, but you can call me Phil"

I introduce myself saying "I'm Alicia, nice to meet you." I smile with a glint in my eye because I can see myself in the reflection of his brown/green eyes, I can't tell. But I feel as if I'm already getting lost in them. The waitress then comes and slides the bill in front of me - it shows the total of $20. She asks " Are you from here or are you from abroad?"

I reply "I am now from here today onwards because I moved here by myself today. But I used to live in England in the UK though."

She nods her head smiles and says "Interesting, you must be brave coming on your own."

I answer "No, it was kind of a getaway really, I moved here for a better life."

Phil then asked me tell more and so did the waitress, so I told them. "In England I didn't feel safe at home so I ran away. I called for a cab to get me to the airport. On the way I picked up everything I had saved my entire life with me before my parents took it, because it was a joint account. I got a last minute flight to the only place available. Chicago. I had a terrible flight experience but when I got here I was so taken back and amazed about how beautiful it is. I found a place to stay nearby - it isn't expensive really but it is what I can afford. I will now look for a job and hopefully a school and then it is all settled. My new life is here and I will never look back."

There was a huge silence. Both of their mouths were wide open in astonishment. I signed the bill and left money on the tray, finished my drink and said goodbye to them. When I looked back I waved at Phil who was being dragged off by some sort of friend of his. I wave and wink and leave to go back to the hotel. I retire to my bedroom and kick off my shoes, I climb into my pyjamas and fall asleep after the most ever exhausting day in my life.

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