The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


13. My first day at work

Today all was revealed.  I found out what days I worked, how long for, how much money I earned and loads of other things.

Here is a statement showing all my job details:

Occupation: Next Break - Out Model

Work days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Work hours: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Monthly pay: $7000

If there are any further queries or issues, please report to Jacqueline on 09845 673 894

I didn't do any modelling today, but tomorrow it starts. Today was a day for settling in, for example, they showed me my dressing room, workers at the agency, behind the scenes and much more. It was very enjoyable and I am already settling in and getting used to things quickly.

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