The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


27. Lunch Time

Right now is lunch and me and Phil are running - hand in hand - to the field where everybody eats. We both have our own home - made lunches which is handy as we don't have to go to the canteen. Obviously we have our lunch boxes in our other hand and because we are running so fast we have to clench on to our bags as well as each others' hand.

We sit at the far end of the field our hands still entwined. We both look down to see our hands like this and we very slowly bristle our fingers through each others' grip and eventually let go. We look up a little shocked but also with a feeling of love. I blast a quick smile and then look down at my lunch - a slice of bread and some cream cheese to spread on top. I also have two strawberries and two cherry tomatoes from the plants I discovered that were checked by the estate agent to be healthy and edible. It isn't much, but I am poor and some times have to starve myself to keep my apartment and pay bills, even though I force myself to use as little as I can.


We begin to eat and it is silent for a while. "So, Alicia. Tell me more about you because I want to know you better."

I stutter for a bit and struggle to string a sentence together until I come up with things sensible. "Ok, let me start over. I like sports, all things academic and some of 'the arts'."

"What sports are you into?" says Phil out of curiosity.

"Um, where do I start? I love almost every sport, but my favourites have to be: Football but you guys call it soccer, cricket, tennis, athletics, hockey, netball and I adore wrestling. I have watched it for quite some time now. It may sound crazy, totally crazy! But it is so special to me. In the future I want to make it there and be a great. I will train hard for success and my dream is to have the ultimate career and finish on a high note to be inducted in to the Hall of Fame. Someday..."

Phil gasps and shouts "Oh my God! You like wrestling too? OH MY WORD!!! Yes!! I love wrestling, and I'm not just saying that because you said so, I have watched it ever since I was just four years old. I really like 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper! I have loved Monday Night Raw since I saw him smash that coconut over someone's head." He seemed very excited and is very engaged.

We both discuss how amazing wrestling is and the conversation lasts for almost a full hour. We are still talking but then a group of girls stroll up to us with a lot of swagger and ego about their wits. They look slightly egotistical with their hands on their hips, eyebrows raised and lips pouting. They are all in a straight line like an army of 'girly' soldiers. They have there hair tied up in quirky styles; their skirts have been rolled up way too much and they are bare-footed so you can see their tacky nail polish which is starting to come off on their toes.

"Hey, Alicia," says the girl (in a typical girl's American accent) who looks as if to be the leader of the group.  They all face me and completely and intentionally block out Phil. "I heard that you're the new girl around here, we were just wondering if you'd like to hang out with us. We are going to talk about so much like make - up and fashion, boys and the 'hotties' round here." She gives me a look of exaggeration by lifting her eye brows to persuade me. "You want to join our group? We are the coolest around and no-one messes with us, we get Everything we want."

I am silent and I think before I speak. I stand up and face all of them and say a Huge comeback. "Hello girls. Thanks for the offer.... but no thanks. Firstly, I'm not in to any of those things really at all. I am allergic to make-up and don't obsess about whether my outfit fits me or not and I don't have to squeeze as hard as I can to fit in them. I have an exquisite wardrobe thanks. And I am not absurd about boys, they aren't exactly toys you know. Eye-candy to have around, a public kisser to show off, a sex machine. I think not, because I'm not a greedy, judgemental, money - grabbing scank!" I say this in my very posh British accent to really show I am not one of them.


Their mouths are so wide open that their jaws might just fall off. A look of disgust crosses each one of their make-up plastered faces. They tilt their heads and look very surprised but intensity builds on their expressions.

"I understand about your thing for girly stuff, you aren't really in to it coming from your stupid jokes. But I thought you would be into boys as you aren't that bad looking. You are actually probably almost as pretty as I am! But you would be a good match in the society. But I am shocked that you don't want to be about with girls as fabulous as us. Instead you want to hang around with a girl that barely has a shower every month. Right Philippina?"

Phil jumps to his feet and confronts these b****** saying "Just buzz off you scanks!"

There is silence and he is absolutely fuming, like he has been set on fire. The mean girls walk away gossiping while we just stand there infuriated. He is about to go into a fit, so I put my hands on his shoulders and stand in front of him, trying to compose him to just forget about them.

"You deal with this better than me, and I have to put with everyone since the beginning of the year and prep school," says Phil but in a calmer tone.

"No, I just don't bother about them, I couldn't really care less," I explain.

"I don't swear that often, it was because they were giving you grief and I don't want you to suffer like me, you're special and deserve better," he whispers and then puts an arm round my shoulder. I nod and thank him as we head inside, out of the sun to continue the afternoon.

I softly rest my head on his shoulder and breathe in the scent of his aftershave, which wasn't too strong or weak as it is just right. Then I whisper gently "I just wanted to tell you that those girls were so wrong. You smell nice," and I give a natural smile. He puts his head against mine and we both naturally smile. "Thanks, Alicia," he whispers back.

 Luckily those people aren't in form 7C so I won't see much of them! I put my arm around one his shoulders and we walk in like that together.

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