The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


18. Lockport Illinois School

I have now officially moved out of that hotel and now moved in to my pleasant, new house. At the crack of dawn, I wake up by my set alarm and quickly brush my teeth after having a slice of bread. I put on my trainers and clothes and jog down to the school, avoiding crashing into a newspaper delivery boy on his bicycle. He rings the bell on his bike at me, and I quickly shout "Sorry!" and jog on. I arrive at the main entrance of the school, it looks so awesome! It is huge and I struggle were to find the office. There is a teacher in sight that I spot and I run to them speedily. I ask "Pardon me, but do you know where the school office is?" and he smiles, probably because he is American and has an American accent, whereas I am from Britain and I inherit a British accent. "It is at the side of the building he points and I thank him. Before I forget, I run to the direction he pointed in and see a small sign with 'School Office' on and enter through a transparent door. 

There is a lady at the desk who glances at me and takes interest. She has a calm and expression and simply says "How can I help you dear?"

I reply "I have a school application letter here, which I would like to hand in."

She then says "Ok, no problem! If you could possibly see the headmaster, to confirm your place at our school, then we would be grateful."

I answer "I will do, when shall I see him?"

She instantly replies with "Now, I will escort you to his office where you will meet. Don't be worried, it is only a friendly discussion so he can get to know you." I nod and follow her lead. We walk around a corner and there is his office. I wait on a chair outside until he is ready.

After approximately ten minutes, the door opens and this tall man with an amazing figure steps through the door. He is handsome with short brown hair and brown eyes. His skin is peach and he has a slightly ruddy face, which makes him all the more good-looking. He blasts me with a stunning smile and I watch in awe. He sticks out a hand and introduces himself saying "Clark McCloskey, headmaster of Lockport Illinois School. Pleased to meet you."

I then give a huge grin and say "Hiya, my name is Alicia. Pleased to meet you also." We enter his office, it is massive! The walls are terracotta and have little golden swirls on them. It is very decorative and I really like it. He can tell that I like it from the expression in my eyes and he gives a big smile. "Have a seat please, and let's get started," and I obey and sit down on a chair in front of his desk as he is sitting behind his desk.


"So Alicia tell me about you. Tell my what you are like, things like that."

"Um, where do I start?" and he laughs. "Um, I am quite a friendly person but I am also very bold. I am kind to those who treat me respectfully. I am also a very chatty and bubbly person who loves lots of company but treasures only true relationships. I love to laugh and make others laugh too. Whether they are laughing at me or something else, I find many things funny and I look on the bright side of situations. In relation to that I am quite a social person. I will chat to anybody really and will always look to get along with others and develop true friendships. Also I am very imaginative person who comes up with plenty of ideas. Some better than others I should say." and he really starts laughing.

"You seem a very interesting and lively character Alicia. Now tell me what subjects you like and dislike."

I grin an extra time and say "I like a lot of the subjects actually, almost every one of them! Well my favourite subjects are: English, Maths, Science, PE, History, Art, Music, Languages, ICT and I like Drama a little bit. I really dislike Geography and Home Economics. Other subjects that I haven't mentioned are subjects I don't really have a preference on."

He gives a tiny smile and asks "Some people don't tell me about themselves entirely to impress me and I want to know if this is you."

I immediately speak "I'm not lying, I promise you. This is me. If I lied then you wouldn't know the real me and we would lose a unique individual on this planet. I don't follow the most popular things and follow the unpopular crowd. Everybody is unique in their own way or ways on this planet. I will never try to be something I am not and never will be. This is truly me and I am very proud of who I am and what I stand for." He then looks very shocked and takes this answer on board. I didn't say this in a rude or angry way, just in a passionate way.

"Wow. You are truly an amazing individual and I agree with everything that you have said. You have actually inspired me." I beam at him in a positive and true way. I am not fake. "I cannot wait to have you at our school and you will settle in easily. I will be the first to welcome you to this school, we hope you enjoy growing in knowledge and growing as person at your time at our school. Tomorrow will be your first day at this school and it will be fine. Well done!"

I smile and give many thanks and leave the school. I know have to buy last minute uniform and prepare! Wish me luck!




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