The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


28. English and P.E

Firstly, before we go to afternoon lessons, we had to be registered in the ten minutes.


After that, we head to the English department and sit down in this Shakespeare dedicated room. It looks very wonderful as there is artwork displayed on the walls of scenes in his books. From the death in Macbeth; to Romeo and Juliet holding hands; to the love triangle in a Midsummer's Night Dream. I look around about how passionate and intense the scenes are and I love Shakespeare's work. I have read all of his books, just shortened versions.

In English we all get to our seats and I just grab a seat at the end next to a girl called Francisca. She is really nice, with brown, straight hair which is less than shoulder length, glasses and light brown eyes. She is medium height and her favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. She is a bit like 'Amy' from The Big Bang Theory TV Series.

Our teacher comes in walking quickly, and tell us all to stand. "I am your English teacher Miss. Jefferson, good afternoon 7C!"

We repeat in unison "Good afternoon Miss. Jefferson."

"Sit down," she tells us and we get started.

This term we are focusing on reading and writing. At the end of this term we are expected to write a short novel on a story of our own chosen genre. So we begin with the genres and we explore every one in a little detail. Our homework is to read for half an hour, which I think will be a 'piece of cake'! 


After English, we all seat in the Sports Hall and listen to our teacher Mr.Tows. He gives a mini speech on how amazing Physical Education is and most of the class doze off. I listen because I agree with him, P.E is excellent. But after the speech is over, we actually get on with the lesson and we play 'soccer'. I still cannot get my head round the fact that Americans call it soccer instead of football. Their version of 'football' is like rugby. It doesn't even involve the foot! Whereas football is when you kick a ball about with your foot. I don't argue as I don't own this country and I try to learn. But I just focus on the concept of what we are doing.

Mr.Tows taps our head, says the team we are on and what position we play. There is a lot of fussing but I am on team one as midfielder. That is my favourite position! There is so much fuss that we finally decide for the teams to be Girls vs Boys. Even though our teacher thinks that this is unfair, us girls are determined to prove his view wrong. We all keep our positions thankfully and the whistle blows. The girls that are forwards (strikers) run out of the way leaving me and three other mid-fielders in charge. I decide to 'challenge' this striker. He is arrogant and starts walking just to be boastful. I tackle him and swerve round him, now I am about to charge in to a whole heap of boys. Inside I feel quite daunted and a part of me has frozen, but I am doing this for the girls.

A boy tries to slide-tackle me but I leap over him gracefully and still have the ball! Two boys sprint up to me and one of them grabs my arms and holds me back while the other steals the ball. This results with the justice of us being awarded with a penalty. Since they did that to me, I am told to take the penalty. This giant guy who is quite plump and medium height again is in goal and I look at where I can shoot. The corners of the goal are the best places to aim for as it is hard to stop them. I may be obsessive, but I love football, no it is soccer!

I take three strides back and look down at the ball and up again. I run up to the ball and shoot in the bottom left hand corner. The goalkeeper dives the other way and I score! My team all high five me and the strikers have been given courage to score more. But straight after I score, the boys score two goals in one and a half minutes. We girls are astounded and bewildered as we wonder how we we can beat them. After a long ten minutes our two strikers both take one unstoppable goal each to put us in the lead by one.

But the boys then score two more goals effortlessly and we are just dumbstruck. Smirks are all over the faces of the boys' team and the girls are just lost. But we never give up and keep fighting for the last fifteen minutes. The score is currently  5-3 to our opposition. So we just attack and attack and attack. Somehow, we controversially weasel in a couple of goals to even the odds. Last minute of the game is here, sixty seconds for victory and I feel the burn inside of me. A guy is just with the ball at the other end of the pitch with no one near him, so I take an enormous risk and charge up to him at full speed. He shouts "I know I'm irresistible and I can easily hypnotise chicks but take it easy, you just have to ask to get your hands all over me!" I turn as red as the bottom of hell's cauldron and swipe away the ball with a swift foot action. Now everybody is far behind me, chasing after me to prevent a goal being scored, but it is too late. I am fueled like a rocket and I explode with a shot in the top right-hand corner and "BAM!" we have won the match and the whistle has blown. The girls have won! Defined the odds and earned the respect of the boys. Even Mr.Tows is inexplicably dumbfounded. 

I am lifted on the girl's shoulders and thrown up and down by the girls all chanting my name repeatedly. "Alicia! Alicia! Alicia!" Everybody high fives me and the school bell rings. I am worried of falling on the ground but I am safely let down. What a first day have I had?!


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