The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


11. Diamond Class Modelling

I found this modelling agency in Chicago which is about 25 minutes away, which is ideal for me! It is right in town in the CBD. The city centre feels like a place full of work opportunities which can immensely benefit me. So, I read carefully the details and they seem okay. I just have to turn up and look pretty. I will have some photos taken of me and then they will see if I am model material or not. Unfortunately, I can't wear make-up for this one so I take extra time with moisturisers and carefully do my hair. I wash my hair and put in some extraordinary oil in and blow dry it with the one in the bathroom. It dries and I brush it again, this time for five minutes non-stop. I decide to wear a white dress that you find a girl wearing in a fantasy. It is floaty and silky, smooth and graceful. An elegant, enchanting dress which is made of soft clouds. In the gentle breeze, it floats around like a balloon or sometimes is the wind really picks up, then it flies like a kite.

My family are a bit wealthy. They have quite a bit of money in their pockets and that is why I have decent clothes. I may not exactly be wealthy now as I barely have any money at all to use and I must be careful with every penny I spend. I need this job to help me finance my new life and also just to give me reassurance and hope that things will be fine.

I have prepared a portfolio of pictures I have of me, just in case they ask for some photos of me. I have these from my photo albums, the general ones that aren't my most treasured memories. I then realise by coincidence that I just take pictures of me when I feel like it. My tablet is packed with photos of me! From me smiling to blowing a kiss to different expressions, I used to think that I would run my own photo shoot. It entertained me when I wanted something to take my mind off everything.

Now, I am ready to go. I close the door behind me securely and hold on to my keycard. I carefully make my way down several flights of stairs, keeping an eye out for my dress, so I don't step on it and rip. Plus, I could fall down the stairs, so I watch my steps. When I safely reach the reception office, the lady says "You look beautiful."

I reply "Thank you! I am off to go and get a job. I am applying to be a model."

She smiles and says "I wish you well, I wish you the best of luck! I know you can do it. You are pretty enough to easily walk into that agency," she winks after at me and smiles as I leave, thanking her for the well wishes and encouragement.

My cab is waiting for me which I pre-booked in advance. I climb in and barely fit in the cab because there is so much of my dress. I don't even bother doing my seatbelt, because it is virtually impossible for me to even find my seatbelt under all of my 'costume'.

After 30 minutes, we arrive at the agency and I pay the sum of $155. I calculate in my head that I now have $9415 left in my possession and I must be careful because that is only £6058 in England, which isn't enough to survive on for over 2 months, at most.

I walk in confidently to the modelling agency and sign in at the desk. I then am escorted to a white room where there are 5 other girls as well as a tall, skinny woman and some photographers. The woman has dark blonde hair and it is like a bob but it is a bit longer. She has hazel eyes and skin polluted with a fake tan. She is wearing a dark pink lipstick which is quite shiny and a little tap of blusher on her cheeks. "Girls, come to me!" She shouts. I follow, the other girls walk there looking quite disobedient and rebellious. They are all wearing huge amounts of make-up and perfume. They all wore denim shorts that were so tight and small on them, that they were about to bulge out of them! I silently giggle in my head with thought bubbles appearing here and there. "Okay, now, let's get started then. I will call you in alphabetical order and I will ask you to come to the stage and we will get you ready for your modelling shoots. Meanwhile, everybody else will have a quick tour of our studios. I hope you have a wonderful time, we want you to feel calm and relaxed as if you were at home." In my head I was thinking of how unpleasant it was at home, and how restless things were actually. But that isn't the point, I just have to do what I can and hope for the best. "Isabella Andrews, you're first," she gives a little complacent snigger and struts off.

We then we're lead around by the receptionist around the building. It was a nice building with phenomenal views from every window. I thoroughly had a marvellous inspection of Chicago from every window. All the rooms we're themed. From underwater to jungle to desert island, for different shoots, they had these rooms, also for inspiration. I was truly inspired and full of awe when I entered each room. The detail was breath-taking and now it is making me want this job even more.

After a long time, it was my turn to shine and I calmly entered the to stage, feeling slightly agitated by all the cameras. "Are you ready to go?" the lady asked me.

"Yes," I replied and away the cameras went. The cameramen were snapping away and constantly telling me to do different poses. I did some very random poses I knew at the top of my head, I didn't care what was happening, I just needed to look good.

The day went on and at lunch time I came back to the hotel because it had finished. Now tomorrow I think we receive the results. I just hope I have done this, I think it went well. I just have to wait and see...

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