The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


24. Detention

Mrs. Worrall had grabbed my wrist and had just given me a Chinese Burn so that my wrist was vermilion. "Where do you think you are going you ignorant child? Sit down now and take your punishment, for being such an ignoramus!" and she forces me into my seat. "Worthless, pathetic, stupid and pointless little girl." She then gets this wooden block and traps my hands inside like they were handcuffs. I try to struggle free desperately, but she puts a blindfold on me, secured by masking tape. The same goes for my mouth, I am gagged and helpless. I kick and attempt to scream for help, but my cries are nowhere to be heard. She ties my legs up with rope so I can barely stand up. But somehow, she forces me to bend down and she brings out a massive ken do stick and holds it firmly in her hands which are covered in warts. I feel a great rush of wind possessing me as the brute strength in the force charges towards me and I am stricken by the cane. Several blows go to my bottom and back, pain shocking my spine and I am in instant agony. But sadly, this is the punishment  I am getting and the rule in the olden days is long gone.

I am left sitting in a chair, left to set myself free. I start singing the song 'Release Me' to myself as I try to escape this treacherous punishment.

I manage to get back my sight by taking off my blindfold and then go on to get my hands free. The rest is straight forward and I have rope burns all over my body and whiplash. The most painful part is the masking tape over my mouth. I leave it on, as proof as what has happened. This is evidence of abuse and I shall expose her for what she has done. I rush down all the stairs to the ground floor to my form room and find Phil.


"Are you ok Alicia? What happened to you? Why are you gagged? Tell me!" said Phil in a very concerned voice. I slowly take the tape off and my mouth swells up. 

"That bigot! How dare she! Guess what she did to me? She tied me up; gave me whiplash; burned my arms and bruised my body with rope burn and other damage. I HATE HER GUTS!!! I am going to tell the principal and show him the damage she has done. I'm going RIGHT now!" and I storm out through the door to the principal's office.

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