The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


4. Departure and Arrival

I desperately searched my pockets for my phone and fished it out. I saw this poster down this dingy ally in front of me advertising a cab company, so I just phoned them up and they said that they would be there in five minutes. So I just sat on my suitcases and bags until they arrived, worrying if my parents in that time would find me and drag me back. But luckily they came early.

"Where would you like to go Madame?"

"Briefly in town please," I replied and I handed him my paraphernalia and got in the cab. The boot was so full, that we put extra luggage in the back seats and swiftly headed into town. I needed to get my money and run before my parents emptied it out on my behalf because it is a joint account. Then when we got to the town centre, I said "Won't be long, just need to pop down to the bank, will be back." I ran out of the cab and into the bank.

The banker asked "How can I help you?"

I enquired "I urgently need to close this account and withdraw all money it contains" whilst I showed my passport as ID and my card with the account book in order to confirm my request. So my banker handed me all my money that I had saved my whole life, £6500. I never spent a penny EVER. But now I have no choice but to. I thank her and sprint out with the cash in hand. I sneak it in an envelope for safe keeping. The cab and driver were still there and thankfully hadn't drove off. I climbed in and exclaimed "Next stop, the airport!"

It was ages until we got there because of unbelievable amounts of traffic and delays but eventually we get there. "£105.43 please."

I think "WOW! That's expensive especially for a small ride like that." But resentfully I pay and take my things out and walk through those airport doors. It is crowded and crowded, hustling and bustling, like a swarm of bees in a hive. I hesitantly step up to a desk and ask, "Can I get a flight today? Soonest possible please."

The lady answers "Sorry, but you need to book in advance."

I then desperately cried "But this is urgent! I have to get a one way flight out of England today!" "Please," I beg.

After a short pause she says "We have only got a spare seat to America, Chicago, Illinois."

"I'll take it please." I pay her all the costs (£500 just for an average class seat) with money in check and she hands me my ticket, "Enjoy your flight!" And I step through the security gates. By now I didn't expect to get this far ever. I thought I'd be turned away and have to live on the streets for the rest of my life with nowhere to go for shelter or food or water. I'd have tight clothes torn and ripped to rags by the conditions and my bed would be a pile of scrap rubbish, but I got to the next stage.

Then there is the security to avoid. But I'm not armed or anything so this shouldn't be a problem, well hopefully not. My clothes, baggage and body are checked, nothing to be found. So I now just have to wait for a my plane and say farewell to England for a very long time perhaps forever. This is it. My plane is ready and I go on board, I find my seat and wait for take off...

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