The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


33. Christmas

Christmas is here!

It's that time for cheer,

When we eat lots of turkey and mince pies.

It's time to celebrate,

And have fun!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Well, actually it is ALMOST Christmas. I am throwing a party on Christmas Eve - and I have invited everyone in my class - which is about around thirty party people I have to fit in my apartment! I am all in a rush because I have to: buy food; put up decorations; find music; set up furniture; cook the food, count how many people are coming; clean and tidy up; get a sign to show people where my house is clearly; think of a dress code and do almost everything there is to do! I think I might have hit the panic cord as I read through my whole list of chores, jobs and stress creators. I will do almost anything to make sure everybody has a good time - even if I end sitting in a corner the whole evening.

I sent out the invitations at school and here is a sample one:


To ...........

Hey! I'm having a Christmas Party at my house and was wondering if you'd like to party hard with me and everyone else there. Here are the det's:

Place: My apartment...

            24 Falaise House,

            Rowden Road,



             CH5 9TP

Date: 24th December 2013 (Christmas Eve! ;D )

Time: 9pm-12am (midnight) 

Dress Code: Party!

RVSP: *Alicia*

My Mobile Number: 89684326877

House No: 822-794-8596

Reply ASAP! Before the 23rd December (preferably 2013) or I won't be a happy bunny. (No wait, that's Easter. Oh well! Forget the extra nonsense!) :P

Hope you can make it!? (Pwetty Pwease?) *Does puppy eyes* O.O

Love ya'



I do admit that the invitation makes me look like a complete idiot, but I'm just so excited and worried at the same time. 'It's miserable and magical'. So far I have counted and twenty seven can make it. Two people have to be in bed by the time the party even starts! And one person has to be studying while babysitting their baby cousin. "Lucky them," I say sarcastically, but feeling slightly sorry for them.

The others can all come which is a huge relief. Phil and all of M.A.R.V can come! Which is my probably my best news I have heard while organising this party. I can even make some more new friends at this party and I know it is going to be a 'hit'! 


Midday 23rd December

I am right now in the supermarket with a huge trolley right now thinking of what to buy for the party. Because I have been to so many parties in the past, it isn't a struggle at all to find what is essential. So I buy: twelve cheese pizzas; thirteen bags of sweet and salty popcorn; ten large bags of French fries; nine boxes of chicken and buffalo wings; eight medium sized boxes of vegetable samosas (for an unusual twist!); seven packs of cod fish and every type of crisps there is to be found. For drinks I buy gallons of obviously Pepsi, Fanta, 7 Up, Sunny D, Coca-Cola, Dr.Pepper and exotic juices. I can't also resist getting some mini umbrellas and some fruit to place on the cups. I need a stand for the drinks so I grab one huge stand for a bargain. I take all of this to the check out and the person working at the till asks me "That is a lot you got there!"

I reply "Yeah, but it's not all for me. I'm having a massive Christmas Party!"

"Nice," he replies and then says "All of this is $300!"

Inside I am gasping and start to really freak out, like I am about to explode there and then. Somehow I manage to fork it out with my credit card and I am so exasperated by how costly this is. But I know it should be worth it all. 

I hoard all my things back in to fridge and do full metal jousting with it to get everything inside of it, without the fridge doors being ripped off! Then I make another trip to the bakery to get millions of cupcakes which all have swirly icing and sprinkles on. They are all neon colours to make it more suited to a party and then that is ALL of the food. (After all that, I am truly drained out, like a deflated hot-air balloon.)

For the rest of the day I go round getting so many decorations. From neon lights, to drapes as sparkly as a Nobel Prize, two boom boxes as loud as fifty pipe bombs and festive things in season. The music is sorted and I have just hired a DJ. So that is all and tomorrow I can sit back  and fret over my outfit!

24th December

Today is the day of the party and I am cooking the chicken which I marinaded last night. The French fries I have chucked in the oven and I take out all of the goods from the packaging. I spread the cloths on the tables and put them at the side to then place all the 'goodies' on. I am so tempted to just wolf everything down, but I somehow resist the power of temptation... until this evening!

After that, I attempt to set up all the decorations without electrocuting myself. It takes me hours and hours, but all looks good. In fact, more than satisfying as I look around in admiration and approval. 


All is set! Now I just need to get ready and I pick up my party dress. It is golden and is sequinned, it is just perfect for the occasion I think.


I have many dresses, but I am only a kid and I don't want to dress too old for my age. I apply my usual moisturisers and await my guests. This is going to be one huge night! I am so excited.

It is 7:00pm now and I am waiting for people to turn up, but the DJ has arrived and I am just watching him set up. That is until I hear the doorbell ring, and it is Melissa, Roxanne and Vanessa - The first ones in! "Hey girls how are you doing!? So glad you came, the party is literally starting. You all look gorgeous," I say in a high-pitched tone. "Thanks!" They all say and come in. We all talk and dance in the middle of the floor until I hear more of the doorbell ringing. It is a huge group of guys that I see either playing soccer or hanging out with girls. "Hi, guys! Come on in! The party has started," I say excitedly as they stroll in casually. Four of them crowd around my girls, as they try to woo them by saying how beautiful the girls look. I just stare as the other six go wild on the dance floor to the beat which has just kicked in. The doorbell rings again and this time it is a group of girls who have obviously smothered themselves, head to toe, in make up and artificial chemicals. I smile and wink at them and then let them in. My apartment is filling up nicely and there is only fourteen more to come. People are talking, dancing, laughing and I feel really happy with how this is starting, hopefully it will keep up throughout the evening. I then hear the doorbell ring twice and I rush to fling it open, and there stands Phil, I completely go head over heels and get over excited. I welcome him in with a really loud voice, and grab him by the hand playfully, to then drag him to the floor to dance. I am about to dance and then I hear the doorbell and sigh to him as he laughs. It then gives me momentum as I bound up to the door to hear a shy timid knock on it. I open it and there stands the so-called 'nerds' in my class. I shout "Hey! Wass'up? Come on in," and they plod along to the drinks stand, and hide in a corner like animals in hibernation. I just sigh and think to myself "They really don't help themselves, as I can see why they are no social wonder." The rest of the party guests turn up and now everybody is here! I can now party with them!

"Here's to Never Growing Up" by Avril Lavigne has come on and all of us go wild. I bring out streamer guns and balloons pumped up in the room, and an explosion literally occurs! "Bang! Bang! Bang!" goes the streamer guns and the balloons are floating above our heads as we keep them up in the air. We are all singing along and jumping up and down, we're pumped. The girls then find a boy and we climb on their shoulders as they carry us around the room. Melissa goes with Jake, Roxanne goes with Alex and Vanessa goes with Chris. I pair up with Phil and he is so strong! Literally, I am dancing on his shoulders and it is like he can hold me for almost forever. We do that for the rest of the song until the end and literally play volleyball with the balloons. It is fun as I feel ten feet tall. At the end he takes my legs and holds onto me behind my back and then lets me down. "Thanks! You are so strong!" I yell and he yells back "Cheers, this is awesome!" I wink at him with both eyes and rub my hands together. We both laugh and jeer and flush down a drink each. 

The night goes on and things are running smooth at my place. Suddenly, the music goes silent and I hear a whole wave of disappointment. "Guys! Hey! Um, don't be upset, I'm just going to say what we are going to do right now. Girls get on one side, boys on the other. Let's go!" I announce and there is a whole rush. "Alrighty! Now, we are going to have a smokin' hot dance off. Gals vs Guys, so let's set this floor on fire! Let the battle begin!" I yell at the top of my lungs and Ke$ha "We are Who We are" starts playing. The girls go first and strut their stuff. I am in the background, clapping along with the rest. The girls are really looking like they are on fire and a lot of the boys start whistling like mad at them. The boys then show what they got and street dance until they shatter the ground. This is on!

When the main chorus comes on me and Melissa step to the front hand in hand with smirks on our faces. We dance our way through everybody and all eyes are on us. Nobody can touch us as we are two volcanoes erupting. We have made our statement and a whole group of boys circle us. We give a sly look at them all and we stick out a hand which bristles against all of their chests. Some of them I find out are fat when I expected them not to be, and that to me in itself is a shocker. Oh well! We then put our arms around the lucky boys who we have chosen to dance with and that is obviously like before. Me and Phil with Melissa and Jake. A romantic slow song comes on and I wrap my arms around his neck, while he put his arms around my waist. He then whispers to me "You look and are beautiful Alicia." I gasp and feel so flattered and I draw him closer so our foreheads are touching and noses. "You are gorgeous inside and out," I reply as we hold each other intimately. "Tonight has been stunning just like you," he says in a deep voice, even though he is too young to even have his voice break. "Oh, you sexy boy,shut up and come here," I moan and I kiss him passionately on the cheek. He does the same back to me and we exchange turns to tease each other. 

Soon enough, midnight comes and we are almost passed out. We have all drunk too much fizzy drink and I have to usher people out, because they are acting drunk and are getting hyper in flashes. I just fall asleep on the couch... I have passed out.



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