The Straight - Edge boy with the Pepsi Tattoo™

This is a story dreamt about. It is about a girl who runs away from England to a place of opportunity, America. But when she gets there things pan out really well. She then crosses paths with a boy but he isn't just a normal ordinary boy, he is special.


26. Art

After all that grief, I just had to ignore what had happened and simply carry on. Art is next and I am really looking forward to it. I have loved art for a long time and I even have my own sketchbook of my own drawings/sketches which I create in my spare time. My sketchbook is really special as I look at displays in real life and use that as inspiration to draw my own things. It also helps me to remember those eye-popping wonders of displays that were just so stupendous.

To my luck, our class was filing in and I just grabbed an art apron and walked in. It was a rule to always wear an apron when doing a lesson in the art room so it would prevent our uniform being ruined. We can apparently sit wherever we want, just as long as we act sensible and behave. It may sound like we are in pre-school, but this is high school and quite a sum of students misbehave.

I look over and toss my hair to see Phil waving. He is saying "Hey, sit next to me!" and he is smiling. I nod and I give off a smile which is like four suns shining, well it does feel like that inside of me. I walk over his way. But while I am walking to him, there are loads of wolf whistles and jeers coming from the whole class. My smile turns to a blank expression and I turn red, my eyes are filled with a little frustration, although not much I show. I look round slowly to see them continuing and it angers me slightly. Then I pull out a stool and sit down, my things on the table ready to start. "Don't worry, ignore them. They are just trying to stir things up. They're just a bunch of clueless parrots that just don't stop squabbling," whispers Phil after he nudges me.

"Yeah, they really don't shut up! And on the outside they are VERY colourful as I can see," I say in a normal voice laughing. Our art teacher walks in and she comes in with a smile. She places her books and papers on the table at the front, parallel to Phil and I.

She stands up and says "Hello class, I am your art teacher Miss. Swifton. Now our topic for the first term is freestyle art and imagining drawings. This basically like doodling, but more neater. We aren't going to spend this term scribbling, but we are going to draw things freestyle and do paintings as well to express your own style. I am going to give you each a piece of plain A4 paper and I want you to go freestyle. Draw things that show what you are like, things that represent you."

We all have our paper and start getting creative. I doodle but make it not that obvious, by making it extra neat.

I look over at Phil's drawing and comment "Wow! That is really amazing. I love those colours and it is really impressive. The designs are just so eye-catching and it is just so captivating. It is detailed and you do it so effortlessly."


He grins and says "Thank you. I really love art. It is just one of those things I am passionate about you know. I like things that are colourful, and these designs are just really um, describing me as you could put it."

I had to admit that the dead fish was very weird and I couldn't help but look at it for a bit long. Phil notices and mentions "I can tell you are wondering what a dead fish is doing in the middle of the page! Just to let you know, I'm a pescetarian."

"What is a pesca uh...?" I question nervously, hoping he doesn't take it to offence.

"A pescetarian is a person who is a vegetarian but the only meat they eat is fish."

"Oh. So the first part is from Pisces which is zodiac sign that has the symbol of a fish.  And the last part is obviously from the word vegetarian." I explain, sounding a little bit on the 'nerdy' side.

"Very clever."

I then ask "What does Straight-Edge mean?"

He smiles and then answers "It means that I don't drink, smoke or do drugs and never intend to."

I gasp and say "Wow. Is this Straight-Edge if you don't drink, smoke do drugs including medicine?"

"Yes, exactly."

"Then would that count if that happened to be my traits?"

"Yes, definitely! You are Straight-Edge?" I nod and confess that I have had medicine before, but I just hated it. Now I don't have it at all because I am much stronger than when I had something I was born with. Now it is thankfully gone.

''Oh my word, yours is out of this world. Just like you are out of this world. It is so beautiful. Those words you wrote on it are very strong, like: Love, Friendship, Beauteous and Courture. I can tell there are words in other languages too."

I reply "Yes, your remarks are really thoughtful and kind. Thanks! Um, and yeah, you are totally right. At the bottom of the page there is some writing in Hindi and beside it, I put it's meaning which is 'beautiful'. And there is some Latin too, Laeta means happy. French and Spanish come in as well. Amor is 'my love' in French and Spanish. There is other things like 'Belle' which is beautiful and Courture which I think has something to do with fashion." Phil looks at me astounded by my knowledge. 

"You are a smart cookie. That's all I can say," concludes Phil. I laugh and we hear the school bell ring, now is lunchtime and we pack up our things and run out of class before we are even dismissed!

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