A Walk Through Hell

Meaghan, a 14 year old living in a household with a drug addict brother and an alcoholic father. Just when she thinks life can't get any worse, she gets taken to a foster home and separated from her friends and mother. The foster home is a place full of dangers......and when a new family adopts her, Meaghan feels like things can't go any worse.
It feels like a walk through hell.


3. What I totally expected.

Joseph's POV


"Hey....bring your stash will ya?" Asked me Edward. I felt reluctant. Edward only liked me because he was my drug buddy and I always got the best junk. Ugh whatever, I just needed to get high right now.  I flunked the math test and got in a fight with the teacher.....


"What, oh yeah, sure I'll bring 'em in."

"See you later then."



I walked up the stairs to my house and banged the door. Meg better be home.

No answer.

"Meaghan, you little coward its me.". She'd probably be hiding behind the door, scared to ask who it is.

My expectation were correct. She opened the door.



"Hi back."

"You're....home early?" she asked, avoiding meeting my eyes. She was hiding something up her sleeve.

"Yeah..no...I'm going back out. Now move over I gotta go get something."


I jogged up the stairs and walked into the room. The door was unlocked.

I forgot to lock my door!? My desk was clean.

"Did I clean it...? I better have because otherwise....Meaghan...."

I looked towards the door, planning to kill her if she had gone into my room. Because that meant that she knew I smoked and did joints too.

Ugh whatever, better do this fast.

I grabbed my pillow.

No package.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I yelled.

I flipped the cover inside out.


"Holy shit I must be looking the wrong one.."

I frantically searched for it in my other pillows. No joints, No cigars.

I felt my blood pressure rising and my eyes go red.


She went into my room.


She threw out the joints.


She knows.


I walked to the top of the stairs, my hands clenched.

And I hollered.




Meaghan's POV


As soon as I hit the per-heat button on the oven, Jacob's yell made me jump at least a foot in the air.

I knew this was coming, but so fast?

I gulped.


He stormed down the stairs.


Uh. Oh. Okay I knew he'd be mad, but he was so furious, he looked like he'd grab a gun and shoot me any minute now. His eyes tend to get red when he's mad, and now.....

NO. I'm not being scared. I'm gonna stand up.


"WHAT. Did.You.Do.With.My. Joints."

"What do you think I did, IDIOT!?"

"WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!!!!!" He came closer.

I stepped back.

"What else do you want me call you!? A HUMAN!?"

He grabbed my shoulders and shook me.


"I THREW THEM OUT!! Now get you're hands off of me you pathetic....jackass!!"

His eyes went wild at me.

"You threw them out?"

"I never knew drugs made you deaf too." I mumbled.

"Shut the hell up, you brat."

He slapped me, then pushed me away from him making me lose balance.

I saw stars.

I stood my ground and held on the fridge for balance.

"Yeah, go ahead. Hit a girl. Show me how stupid you are." I whispered.

He stared me and had a cup in his hands. He raised his hand. Was he seriously going to throw it at me?

He wasn't even thinking. His eyes were bloodshot red. He was gone crazy.

He threw it.

I rolled on the floor. It smashed right above my head.

I had to get out of here.His mind wasn't with him and he'd kill me right now, meaning it or not.

I scrambled up and started to run for my room. I didn't even look behind me.

At the top of the stairs, I looked down.

He was gone. The front door was left open.



I barely had the energy to turn the oven off, close the door, and walk into my room.

I threw myself on my bed.

And burst into tears.

I cried until I fell asleep.


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