A Walk Through Hell

Meaghan, a 14 year old living in a household with a drug addict brother and an alcoholic father. Just when she thinks life can't get any worse, she gets taken to a foster home and separated from her friends and mother. The foster home is a place full of dangers......and when a new family adopts her, Meaghan feels like things can't go any worse.
It feels like a walk through hell.


1. Here's me.

I turned around and pulled the pillow over my head.

Not a strange action. I've done this often.

I've done this to cover the sounds of the screams coming from downstairs.

The screams from my mom, my dad, maybe the cars. I can't tell the difference anymore.

Did I even tell you who I am?

I don't think I did.

I'm Meaghan. Meg for short.

That's what everyone calls me....called me. When they used to call me.

I'm 14.

I have a mom, a dad, a brother called Joseph who is 16.

I have black hair and green eyes. I have Medium skin tone. I'm an hourglass. I'm originally Peurto Rican, but my parents were born here.

I'm in freshman year in high school.

I live in  Huntsville, Alabama.

I have a best friend called Amanda and a friend called Lee.

I'm not very popular because of the situation I live in.

My dad is an alcoholic. My brother is a heroin addict. My mom and me are the only normal ones. 

You can say my life at home stinks like hell right now. 

It doesn't seem to be getting any better for the past two years.

My dad is drunk a lot.... and my mom hates it. And they fight all the time. And it gets bad.

But it gets worse when my dad's drunk.

I don't even want to remember.

My brother is a heroin addict and he's almost never home. He only comes home to sleep, if he sleeps.

Otherwise he's out with his drug buddies.

And I'm left over.

I go to school. I come home. I sleep. I sometimes eat. I do my homework. I go out with my friends sometimes.

I try to maintain the most normal look outside. I don't want people treating me weird. I don't want people  feeling bad for me either.

But I can't hide it that much.

I get the looks at school that say "Daughter-of-an-alcoholic". My dad and brother's situation also rubs onto me.... where I was called "School Slut"..."Loser"...."Dork"..."Creeper".....I was even asked in for drug abuse....when I  was sick at school once..... though I never tried them and never will.

My grades are good.

I somehow manage to save up my own money and buy the things I need. My dad doesn't care because he's always drinking. My mom started to work.

My mother is the only person who sticks by me through tough and low. And she gets treated the worst in the house.

Like for example, tonight.

One of the millions of nights.

I pull the pillow over my ears a little tighter. I don't want to hear my dad's drunk curses, my mom's hurt yells, the items falling.

I've heard them too much.

But my attempt to block anything out goes nowhere.

I turn around and allow myself to hear.


"I don't get what the hell your drinking is going to do with us at the end!!  It brought us nothing but misery ever since you started!" My mom yelled out.

"If you don't like it, get out of here, coz I aint stopping." He laughed.

His speech was slurred.... too slurred to be safe.... I wished my mom would just shut up and go to her room. He might do something because he's so drunk....

"Go WHERE? You took everything I had you jackass!!"

"Watch what you call me, coz I got that money outside.." he replied giggling like an idiot. Which he is.

Money? Ok he's seriously out of it right now.

"You're too drunk to understand...."

"I said shut up you ----"

I heard a bang.

A smash.


My heart stopped.


I ripped the blanket off of me and ran down stairs.

My heart started beating again.

My mom was on one side of the room. My dad was on the floor in the middle, and he was........ trying to pick the broken pieces of the beer bottle off the ground?

My mom saw me.

"Meg.... go to your room...now."

"Mom go to YOUR room.... please.."

My dad looked up.

I tried to hide.

Too late.

"Hey! Meg! How ya doin' baby!! Come here!!"

He was too drunk to understand what he was doing.

"No...mom...where's Joseph?"

My mom burst into tears.

I hated to see her cry.

Her hazel eyes didn't deserve to cry.

I wanted to hug her, but I knew better.

"Your son is a drug addict.... you're daughter is growing up out of the blue... and all you care about is your bottle of beer...."

My dad stood up, and slurred. He turned around and puked.

I turned around and grimaced. He must've had a million cheers tonight.

My mom walked up the stairs and hugged me.

"Let's go...."

After watching her go into her room and lock the door, I went into my own.

I sat down on the bed, hugged my knees and stared up at the moon.

Why don't I get to live like any other 14 year old?

Why don't I get to have a nice family who go out on vacations and have fun together?

I bit my lip to keep from crying.

The front door closed.

My brother. Joesph.

He came home. At 1:10am.

I was almost scared to see him. Would he be high too?

"Meg..are you home?"

No, he sounded sober.

"Joesph, I'm always home. Unlike SOME people here."

I walked down the stairs.

His eyes were bloodshot red. He was high. He'd been high for a while.

"Ugh, what the hell....what happened here?" He shuddered as he stepped around the puke. My dad had disappeared.

"The usual drama scene...."

He rolled his eyes. I wondered if it hurt him.

"You know you have blood shot eyes, right?"

"What do u care?"

I exploded.

"Because you're something called a brother! Because if you keep doing this, you're going to die! THAT'S WHY I CARE!"

"Don't yell mom's gonna wake up"

"Like she could sleep anyways!?" Was he serious?

"Kids... Joesph you're home?"

From the bottom of the stairs, I could see her eyes frightened by what she might see in Joseph.

"Yeah I am. Who's gonna clean all this up?"

"I don't know." She saw his eyes.


"Mom I know."

My mom sighed. She didn't try anything because she knew she couldn't. She'd tried so much before. His excuse was always his dad. My mom had tried everything within her power.

"Meg....go to your room. Try to get some sleep honey."

"OK..... I love u mom."

"I love u too honey."


I pulled the covers up.

I won't give up.

I'll become something worth it. I know I will.

I shivered as a tear slid down my cheek.

And I fell into a restless sleep.


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