Royal Princess

*Luke Brooks Fan Fiction*
Hollie Marie Windsor a 18 year old who is incredibly famous for being the first child to William and Kate and is 3rd in line for the throne.
She is basically royalty back in England, but this summer she is going over to Australia for 4 months with her Mother and her 15 year old sister Amelia Windsor.
When Hollie bumps into the perfect guy one day she instantly knows he is the one for her and he thinks the exact same thing in return, but will it be too much for Luke with all the publicity from around the world.
It seems that Luke thinks what everyone says about him and Hollie is all his fault because he is the one known as a You Tube prankster and Hollie is known as the stunning Princess who gets anything she wants.
People always say you fall for the least unexpected people and that is what happens with Hollie and Luke


6. Rumours


The next day I awoke and realized the boys were still spread out in various places of my bedroom. I rushed up and washed my face and teeth before applying my make up and slipping on a outfit:

Today I was wearing a plain black skater skirt with a tight neon pink crop top with a bow around the breast part. My hair was in its natural waves and I chose out my shoes, they were also neon pink and flats for once, hopefully today I can relax and stay in unless it gets boring.

I was thinking I could get my hair dyed back into its natural blonde colour and then hang out with the boys in the pool, I just need to get my mum out of the house first without her knowing there's sleeping teenage boys in my room because she'd totally freak if she found out, that's why I locked my bedroom door last night before I fell asleep in case she was to just walk into my room like most mums do.

I quickly ran down the stairs without being to loud to try and find my mum to see what she was up too today, I saw Amelia in the lounge watching television and I took a quick glance at the time and it read 9:10 a.m. Which is really late for me because usually back home I have to get up at around 6 a.m-7 a.m  to do stuff like helping out in charity events or go to stupid press conferences, but now its holidays and I can have more lie in's but I still have to go out to places like I used to so I can keep my reputation level high and because I love to help out for people.

I walked straight into the kitchen to see my mother had left a note for me which Bertram pointed too, it read:

Hi Hollie, my sweetheart. Just wanted to let you know I will be out all day because I am going to a press conference and a few charity events around Melbourne, which you were going to attend to but I'm giving you a little break. I was also going to wake you up this morning and tell you, but your door was locked and must I say you were snoring a LOT louder than usual. Bertram and Amelia are in which you have probably noticed by now, don't get into trouble and stay away from danger. Lots of love your caring Mother. XXX

I smiled as I read it and thought it must have been one of the boys snoring because I don't think I could snore that loud for my mum to be able to hear it from one side of the room and through a door, but now I have the house to myself, almost. But the boys can come down now without worrying that my mum will see them. I jogged back upstairs at a steady pace and into my room, I switched on the TV and turned the volume down to a quiet level. The channels were all confusing to the England one's because they were all different code numbers and different channel names, I groaned to myself as I flickered through them all and none of them looked interesting. "I just want the damn news" I moaned to myself not knowing someone was awake and watching my every move beside me. 

"You're beautiful" Someone from the left side mumbled over to me, making me jump and squeal a little before accidentally hitting a sleeping Beau and making him growl at me but he just returned back to his dreams. "Don't scare me like that again!" I hit Luke playfully after finding out it was him who scared me. He got the remote out of my hand and typed in four numbers to find the program I was looking for.

"I like their accents" I said randomly and looked at Luke who was looking into my blue eyes.

"So does that mean you like my accent?" Luke cheekily asked.

"Sure, you could say that" I giggled and focused my attention back onto the television.

"Preppy Princess spotted with teenage boys, troublemakers we suspect." The commentator read out from the papers in front of her I rolled my eyes and looked to Luke and saw he was looking sympathetically towards me.

"Sorry" He said truly, I wasn't mad at him its just the amount of people who invade others private lives, I couldn't get mad at the boys because they are the one's being nice to me and if I were to keep on doing that I'd have no friends left.

"No, its fine Luke"

"Resources say it could be the teenage Melbourne pranksters, also known as the Janoskians"

"The Janoskians?" I questioned

"That's us!" Jai whisper yelled making me flinch in shock.

"Ow you pinched me!" Luke chuckled.

"Sorry" I apologized once I noticed there was a red mark appearing on his left arm "But you guys gotta stop scaring me like that!" I giggled.

Jai smirked at us and made his way over to my bed and sitting at the end where Beau's feet were, Beau must have felt the pressure go down on the foam mattress because he let out another groan which was much louder than the first time. We all chuckled and carried on watching the news, until I realized something really important.

I stood up quickly and hopped off the bed and rushed over to my phone which was on the bedside cabinet besides Beau. "My mum and father are going to see all these rumours and are going to kill me!" I panicked and paced around the room. I could tell the boys didn't know what to do either because I secretly could see them exchanging glances to each other. 

What shall I do, shall I wait until she finds out or should I tell her now that it was just some friends and i'm ready for the consequences, I questioned myself and I knew the second one was definitely the most reasonable.

I began to type in a believable text and hit send "Hollie it will be fine" Luke said which made me get more annoyed for some weird reason, "No Luke! You haven't even met by parents before, so you don't know anything!" I snapped and sent him a serious death glare, I turned away from them both and went onto my balcony.

Realizing that I had just lashed out on Luke just made me angrier because i'm such a stuck up b!tch who gets called a spoiled princess on a daily basis, which probably is true, but I try my very hardest to be nice to everybody but I swear to god I have such a short temper.

"Sorry I didn't mean to sound like a-"

"It's fine" Luke smiled patting the seat on the bed.

"No it's nottt" I dragged on and slumped my way over to the two awoken boys.

He rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms back around my waist, we fell down onto my extremely comfy bed but ended up being the wrong way around, so our feet were against the head board and our heads were hanging over the edge.

With my bad luck I ended up having Beau's stinky cheese feet in my face "Ew" I mumbled to myself and turned to face Luke, but he was trying to spoon with me so once I turned around his face was much closer than it was supposed to be.

Our eyes hovered over each others, I smirked and looked down to his lips as I studied his hooped lip ring which he was chewing constantly, silence swept in and all you could hear was Jai's quiet taps of his thumbs and fingers on his phone screen.

I looked back into his gorgeous hazel eyes and noticed they were to busy focusing on my pink lipstick lips so I returned it by looking at his as he looked back up to my eyes and it turned out to be a continuous pattern for like a minute until he began to do the lean, which surprised me for sure.

I didn't know what to do so I just stayed in my spot, it felt like all my limbs in my body had frozen completely.

"Oh good mor-" Someone began but was cut off by what sounded like Jai shushing at them. Luke pulled away making me relax a little and sink back into the comfort of the welcoming duvet.

"Skip you complete idiot!" Jai yelled at him and the poor guy looked confused as hell.

Luke got up and dusted off his clothes "How about some breakfast?" I asked looking at the now three boys awake, they all looked like they were having a mind conversation between each other.

"Yes OK then lets go" Luke smiled cutely making me get funny chills down my spine and goosebumps, I shook it away and made my way over to the door "No, its fine you guys wake those lazy boys up and i'll bring the food, what do you all like?"

"Uh, we will eat anything we're guys who have eaten worms, dog food and guts" Jai answered for them and chuckled towards the end of the sentence, I gave him a disgusted look but nodded and made my way out of the room shutting the door carefully and quietly, even though I knew everyone in the house would be awake. 

I stood beside the door without making a sound and yes, I was eavesdropping and I have always been that nosy type of girl but I can't help myself most of the time.

"Skip! You spoilt that moment." I heard Jai moan.

"Nooo you don't say" I heard skip slur in his deep morning voice, "but I am sorry man, I couldn't see because I was further down from where you both were" Skip explained.

"It's fine, she isn't into me in that way for fuck's sake, she's a flaming princess why would she like someone like me and we've only just met" I heard Luke say in a disappointed tone.

Just because I'm a princess doesn't mean I can't like someone Luke, I thought to myself.

I mean Luke does seem like a really nice guy but I have only just met him and I can't seem to trust him just yet.

Once we had all finished our scrumptious breakfast which Bertram kindly made for us we decided to go outside and into the pool because it was a nice day.

I had called a hairdresser to come and do my hair today, I found her online and the boys said she was a worth the money and they know that because she does their mum's hair. The reason why I wanted a hairdresser was because I was getting a bit fed up of my dip dye so I'm going to go back to my natural look which is just goldy blonde hair.

I slipped off my outfit which I hadn't had on for very long and changed into a Cath Kidston bikini which had a base of the pastel pink colour with a floral print.

I grabbed a soft towel which was resting on the radiator beside my bath and wrapped it around me as I walked out, the boys had already finished getting  ready and they were now lingering around my room. 

"Ready to go meet my sister and chef?" I asked with a joyous smile. They nodded in agreement and followed me out making sure they'd remembered their towels which I let them use and their mobile phones. (For their swimming trunks just pretend that Hollie had some from who knows where)

We wandered down the stairs and straight through to the kitchen meeting Amelia and Bertram. Amelia was scanning the fridge for food and Bertram was doing the usual which is reading through a food magazine.

"Hey Amelia and Bertram these are my new friends: Luke, Skip, Beau, Jai and James. We all met yesterday and we're just gonna go out into the pool now so..." I said signalling to each individual boy.

They both smiled and nodded but didn't seem very interested nor bothered. Bertram held out his hand but his face was emotionless the boys shook it and Amelia just asked "Can I join you? I haven't been in yet!"

"Yes OK but don't be annoying."

She grinned and ran off while I led the boys out into the garden and let Bertram continue his magazine.

"That was interesting" Luke said placing his phone on the stone table and folding up the towel which was hung around his shoulder. The boys did basically the same thing but dived straight in making big splashes to reach out and get the bottom half of my leg. 

"Coming in then" Luke asked as he waved his hand in front of my face seeing that I had zoned out.

"Yeah! Of course I am!" I cheered rushing over to the sun lounger and throwing my towel down. I turned back around and ran to edge to jump in I saw Luke watching my every move and he saw me looking over to him and came to stand beside me.

"1...2...." I said

"3!" Luke finished and together we both jumped in at the same time, I shut my eyes tight because I hate opening my eyes underwater. I submerged and wiped my eyes so I could see clearly again, once they focused I was met eyes with a nice pair of hazel ones. I blushed and removed my fly away hairs that stuck to my face because of the water.

"Sorry" I mumbled and swam away giggling and still with red cheeks I could hear Luke swimming behind me, we made our way to the others and began to take it in turns doing underwater handstands, Skip's was the funniest and Luke and Jai could actually do perfect ones. Amelia joined later on and began to do her handstands she seemed to have a keen eye on Jai, probably because he's a typical Australian with abs and shes a hormonal teenager.

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