Royal Princess

*Luke Brooks Fan Fiction*
Hollie Marie Windsor a 18 year old who is incredibly famous for being the first child to William and Kate and is 3rd in line for the throne.
She is basically royalty back in England, but this summer she is going over to Australia for 4 months with her Mother and her 15 year old sister Amelia Windsor.
When Hollie bumps into the perfect guy one day she instantly knows he is the one for her and he thinks the exact same thing in return, but will it be too much for Luke with all the publicity from around the world.
It seems that Luke thinks what everyone says about him and Hollie is all his fault because he is the one known as a You Tube prankster and Hollie is known as the stunning Princess who gets anything she wants.
People always say you fall for the least unexpected people and that is what happens with Hollie and Luke


7. Plans


Louise the hairdresser finally came around and did my hair for me while the boys carried on to mess around in the pool playing all sorts of games like water basketball and water polo etc.

Once my hair was completely done and must I say it looked natural again, thank goodness... That dip dye was boring me to death and it also ruined the ends of my hair. I paid Louise her well deserved money and thanked her as she left.

The boys are going to go around 5 o'clock because my mums supposed to get home at like 5:30. So we have 5 hours to spend, what to do?

I got back into my earlier outfit and found the boys and Amelia on the sun loungers beside the pool chatting among themselves.

Once they saw me they got up to greet me as I dramatically flicked my hair and did a twirl for them, "Wow, Stunning" Luke commented whilst checking out my newly done hair I smiled at the nice compliment and went over to sit where they once were before I arrived. "So what shall we all do now?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

"How about we give you a small tour of Melbourne? We can sneak out without the paparazzi catching you" Beau asked.

"Hmm, maybe" I wasn't too sure. I'm not saying they're boring but i'd rather do something a little more fun than sight seeing. "I'm not a big fan of sight seeing, anything else a little more fun?" I asked unsure.

"Do you like animals?" James asked questioningly.

"Yeah, I love em why?"

"Well a new zoo has opened just past the center of Melbourne"

"Ooo, a zoo. Okay!" I smiled excitedly.

"A zoo it is!" Beau laughed getting up with the boys so they could go get changed out of the swimwear.

"Amelia do you want to come?" I asked her.

"What? Are you sure? You never ask me to go places with your friends"

"Well i'm asking you now so get a move on if you're coming" I said quite harshly but it worked as she ran back into the quiet house to get ready.

I then changed into a cute outfit, which was:

I had changed from a boob tube into a long sleeved pussy-bow sleeved white blouse in case it got chilly later on in the day with black boucle high waisted shorts. I brought some black Céline Audrey sunglasses and a floral back pack with some cute black fringed sandals.

"So guys what are the plans?" I asked as they finally came into the living area, where me and Amelia were waiting impatiently.

"Well, what we're thinking we can sneak out from the way that we came last night, get the train to our house which isn't exactly that far, get in Beaus car and drive there and its a hours drive so we might be a bit late home"

"Okay we will just get Bertram to tell mum we're out with some friends and that he's met them and stuff" I directed to Amelia. We stood up and went into the kitchen to continue our 'plan'.

"You okay Hollie dear?" Bertram asked as he noticed the whole group of us had just made our way into the kitchen with hopeful looks on our faces.

"Yeah uhm, me and Amelia are going to Melbourne's zoo with our friends so could you tell mum when she gets home that we're ok and might be a bit late home"

"Erm I don't know about this Hollie..." He said warily "I could get in deep trouble for this, especially because of letting you both out with strangers without your mothers permission and agreement."

"Its okay we'll make sure you get in no trouble whatsoever! Also could you please tell her you've met our friends and they're good people"

We waited a few moments without an answer until he finally gave in and nodded.

"Woo" Amelia cheered fist pumping the air, I smirked at her and a small giggle escaped from my mouth, we all soon ended up in fits of laughter and I don't know why because it wasn't even that funny, I guess laughter is just contagious.

"Just keep the promise of me not losing my job, OK?"

"Yeah we promise" I held out my pinky and he crossed it with his. I sent him a friendly smile before waving him off as we began to get our things. I picked up my phone and checked my phone still no message from my mother about the paps catching photos of me and the boys. She must be still be busy at the press conference and gladly my dad hadn't sent me questions of what had happened. Hopefully it won't come through but it probably will as I'm obviously known over there.

Once we were all ready we all jumped over the fence well except me and Amelia who didn't know how to do it, Luke was waiting for us to go but he noticed our awkwardness.

"What you waiting for?" He chuckled questioningly.

I shrugged and directed Amelia to try first but she just shook her head and stayed where she was, she managed to get a few words slip out of her mouth though "Awkwardo" She simply said and began to sway back and forth on her feet.

"What you guys doing over there?" I heard skip call through from the other side."

"I don't know" Luke looked at us confusion running through his eyes.

I rolled my eyes, "How do you do it? We aren't experts at sneaking out."

Once I explained Luke just chuckled to himself "That's nothing too be embarrassed about, here" He got down on one knee and held out a cup shape with his hands. I looked at Amelia and back at Luke deciding to go first. I rested one hand down on his shoulder for support and almost instantly got tingles roam through my fingers, if that's possible. I put the other hand on the fence then finally put my foot in Luke's hand. "Sorry if I hurt you" I gave him sympathy but he just shrugged it off.

"Will you heck" He laughed and before I knew it I was being swung up feeling like a High School Musical cheerleader.

I finally managed to do what the others had done and got to the other side with Jai holding out his arms in case I were to fall. "Thanks!" I smiled to Jai nearly falling over my own feet. We waited for the last two and began to follow Skip and Beau down the street towards the brooks brothers house.


Haven't posted in like yearsss, sorry. I feel like no ones actually reading this, might delete it...

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