Royal Princess

*Luke Brooks Fan Fiction*
Hollie Marie Windsor a 18 year old who is incredibly famous for being the first child to William and Kate and is 3rd in line for the throne.
She is basically royalty back in England, but this summer she is going over to Australia for 4 months with her Mother and her 15 year old sister Amelia Windsor.
When Hollie bumps into the perfect guy one day she instantly knows he is the one for her and he thinks the exact same thing in return, but will it be too much for Luke with all the publicity from around the world.
It seems that Luke thinks what everyone says about him and Hollie is all his fault because he is the one known as a You Tube prankster and Hollie is known as the stunning Princess who gets anything she wants.
People always say you fall for the least unexpected people and that is what happens with Hollie and Luke


1. Me.

Name: Hollie Marie Windsor

Age: 18 years old

Hair: Light brown wavy hair with blonde dip dye {Natural colour: Blonde}

Eyes: Light blue

Siblings: 15 year old sister called Amelia Windsor, she has dark brown hair with a few fairly show able blonde highlights, she has big gorgeous blue eyes with a great personality to match them.

Likes: One Direction, animals, having a laugh, boys who can make fun of themselves and not get bothered by what others think of them.

Dislikes: People who can't take a joke.

Famous for: Being third in line for the throne and the daughter of Will and Kate also for her amazing sense of fashion and her beauty

**See Pictures Below**

The Janoskians taking her to taste pizza for the first time.

One of her photo shoots for the magazines telling people about her going to Australia for 6 months.


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