Royal Princess

*Luke Brooks Fan Fiction*
Hollie Marie Windsor a 18 year old who is incredibly famous for being the first child to William and Kate and is 3rd in line for the throne.
She is basically royalty back in England, but this summer she is going over to Australia for 4 months with her Mother and her 15 year old sister Amelia Windsor.
When Hollie bumps into the perfect guy one day she instantly knows he is the one for her and he thinks the exact same thing in return, but will it be too much for Luke with all the publicity from around the world.
It seems that Luke thinks what everyone says about him and Hollie is all his fault because he is the one known as a You Tube prankster and Hollie is known as the stunning Princess who gets anything she wants.
People always say you fall for the least unexpected people and that is what happens with Hollie and Luke


5. Knock Knock


A few hours after my first trip around town I was led on my king sized bed about to watch one of Amelia's films called Mean Girls which I haven't seen before, it looked like a good movie anyway. I quickly thought I'd have a sleepover party with myself so I got all the things I wanted, which included:

I was about to press play until I heard a slight psst call, I waited another minute to see if I could hear it but it happened a few seconds later. I got up in confusion and wrapped my duvet tightly around my petite body to make me feel like I have more protection.

I slowly crept out onto my balcony and looked down to notice the boys from the coffee shop looking back up at me with smiles on their faces. "What are you guys doing in my garden!" I whisper yelled down to them.

"Sshh princess and let us in its freezing" Beau said but I took it more as a joke, Luke or Jai ended up back handing him in the balls making him fall to the floor clutching his junk.

"Thank you Luke or Jai, I can't really see which twin it is and Beau you can please shut up" I rolled my eyes and pretended to feel hurt with a pout.

"I love your accent and its Luke" He smiled brightly up to me.

I smirked back at him and watched them try to keep themselves warm it was almost amusing "Gonna let us in then?" James asked.

"Depends on whether I can trust you guys or not and how did you all get in here without being seen because to other people its kinda impossible" I questioned.

"Well we can do anything" Jai laughed which made me smile.

"How can I trust you? I haven't even known you for more than a hour" I asked unsure.

"Whats the worst we can do, you literally have bodyguards everywhere"

"Yeah, not everywhere because you lot have managed to get in my garden!" I exclaimed down to them so they could hear me louder.

"Well, we're not going to kill you alright" James laughed really loudly.

"Fine then, don't get seen and stay there! I will be right back" I warned and quickly ran down the wide opened stairs. I went through the hall and made my way over to the back door which was in the kitchen but luckily my mum was having a girly night with my sister in the lounge.

I opened the door and put my finger over my mouth to tell them to be quiet and to follow me quickly they did as told and were extremely quiet which I wasn't expecting but they had their jaws hung open and they were taking in every detail of my empty looking house.

We finally reached my room and we all let out a big sigh of holding our breaths for a long time as we were trying to be as quiet as we could be.

"Your house is amazing" Skip told me as he took a seat next to the other boys on my bed.

"Well its pretty empty at the minute but thanks"

"So what have you been doing since you got back" James asked curiously.

"Well I was going to have a sleepover party by myself so I got some stuff for it, but now you boys can join me if you like and I'll get some more popcorn later"

"We will join you if it isn't a problem" Luke said nicely.

"Of course not, I was lonely anyway"

I got onto the bed and realized we are going to be really squashed so I went over to a three seat couch and tried to drag it along the floor so it was closer to the bed and the TV but because my floor was polished wooden floor boards I nearly ended up slipping as I tried to drag the couch out.

"Here let us do that for you" The boys surrounded me and took over the job.

"Five men moving a couch!" Beau chanted as a joke which made the boys laugh but I didn't really get it, or find it funny.

"Thank you guys you're all so sweet" I smiled and rushed over to the bed picking my spot first, Luke climbed in on my left side while Beau got the other and James, Skip and Jai got the couch but they can't complain because its more comfy than others.

"Here have some blankets" I said to the boys on the couch and passed them three spare fleece blankets.

"I haven't seen this movie before" I said pressing play on the remote control.

"How haven't you seen mean girls before, this is the best movie ever!" Beau whisper yelled as he saw the head line of the movie flash on the screen.

Half way through the movie Luke began to make a lean towards me and I let him but once his soft firm hand touched my right arm it made all my body tingle, I don't know if it was because he's a good looking boy touching me or because I haven't gotten this close to a boy before but i'd go with both options.

I shook them away and rested my head on his moving chest but with every touch I got of him I got tingles that would travel through me. The only problem was when I tried to get them to go away they wouldn't and i'd just get goosebumps on my arms instead.

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