Royal Princess

*Luke Brooks Fan Fiction*
Hollie Marie Windsor a 18 year old who is incredibly famous for being the first child to William and Kate and is 3rd in line for the throne.
She is basically royalty back in England, but this summer she is going over to Australia for 4 months with her Mother and her 15 year old sister Amelia Windsor.
When Hollie bumps into the perfect guy one day she instantly knows he is the one for her and he thinks the exact same thing in return, but will it be too much for Luke with all the publicity from around the world.
It seems that Luke thinks what everyone says about him and Hollie is all his fault because he is the one known as a You Tube prankster and Hollie is known as the stunning Princess who gets anything she wants.
People always say you fall for the least unexpected people and that is what happens with Hollie and Luke


2. Australia here we come


"I love you daddy, see you soon" I kissed his cheek as he bent down to my height. "I love you too darling, keep safe, do what your mother says! Also no falling in love with boys!" He chuckled giving a tight hug.

"I can't keep a promise on that last one" I giggled.

"Ey watch it miss."

"I'm going on vacation not to prison"

He chuckled at me and moved away slightly "I best get going the paparazzi crowds are getting bigger" He pointed over to the flashing cameras. I gave him one last hug and made my way over to my sister, we hopped into the private plane leaving our parents to say their goodbyes.

I love my parents more than anything, people would think my parents are stuck up snobs who make me do chores like Cinderellas evil step mum when it is the holidays but they're nothing like that.

Yes, they may be a little over protective sometimes but I'd rather have parents watching out for me than parents that don't care about me in any way.

Once you meet them you'll realize you're wrong about the rumours you've heard because they are genuine people who are a little posh but are definitely not snobby posh.

It was pretty inside the airplane with a good layout of comfy seats, I don't take anything for granted because I do know that they're people out their who need help and money, I try my best to give them what they need by going to as many charity events I can attend too.


"Are you going too sleep?" I heard Amelia ask beside me making my thoughts disappear and concentrate on what she was saying to me. "Well, what time will it be when we're supposed to get there?" I asked her

"I think mum said 7 in the morning, so i'd get the best sleep you can get" I agreed with her and plugged in my headphones and pulled out a pillow from underneath the chair, waiting for my mother to return and an assistant to bring in the bags, the flight should begin soon and then I can finally get some well deserved sleep even though its only 9 at night, good job I have my pj's on the only problem is there will be pictures of me wearing them all over the internet soon because of the stupid paps.

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