Another World

Morgan and her best friends go to see One Direction in Concert, little did they know it would change their lives. Morgan falls in love, and so does her best friend Anisha, but is it the right thing to do? One of her friends turns out to be her and their enemy, but One Direction are there to protect them. Morgan and Anisha's lives are perfect. They couldn't of wished for anything better, but is it too good to be true? Morgan finds herself in a bad way, and the people around her hate seeing her like this. She pulls through, and carries on living her life, nit caring what anybody else thinks. Her life is perfect, she has the people she loves around her 24/7 and it is going to stay that way by the looks of things.

By: Morgan Parrington
Twitter: @Morgaan1Dxo


11. Wow.

Harry's P.O.V

So me and Morgan headed back to my dressing room. I had my arm resting on her shoulder, and she had her arm wrapped tightly around my waist. We were kissing from time to time.
We got to the dressing room and right outside of the door she suddenly stopped and let go of me. She just stood there.
"What is it M?" She looked at the floor for a moment.
"Babe? What's wrong?" I asked her.
She looked up
"Haz?" She said whilst pinching her bottom hip bit her finger and thumb. She looked beautiful.
"Why me?" She said and started tearing up.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Why did you ask Me to be your girlfriend, when you were literally stood in front of an arena full of girls who are much prettier than me, and all want to Marry you? Why? When I'm just a stupid girl, who has had a crush on you her whole fucking life, and has posters up of you on her wall? The stupid fan who is ugly and is horrible? Why? Why me? I don't get it? I don't understand!  Why me? I don't deser-"
Knowing what she was about to say, I just crashed my lips onto hers. I pulled away slowly.
"Listen. You want to know why I chose YOU to be my girlfriend? Because YOU were the one who I fell in love with. YOU are the one who I think Is so, so beautiful. YOU are the One who is just Perfect to me. YOU are The One who makes me feel special. YOU are the one who I fell for. And YOU are the one who made me believe in love at first sight. I could go on forever, but I NEED you to know, you are the only one I want to be with." I explained. She just kissed me, and I could tell it was with passion. She pulled away.
"I Love you Styles." she whispered in my ear.
"I Love you too Parrington, now promise me you won't say anything like that again."
"I Promise." She said. I kissed her forehead.
"Oh by the way, I told you I'd prove it to you didn't I?" I said.
"Yeah, and you did! I wasn't expecting it haha." She said.
"Now C'mon. I haven't seen the real side of you yet Parrington." I said, biting my lip. She followed me in.

Morgan's P.O.V

I followed Harry into his dressing room. He sounded like he really meant what he said to me. I pulled me into the small kitchen and leaned me up against the counter, with his face about 3cm away from mine. He bit is lip. Shit that was so hot dammit! I just stared into his green orbs. He put his hands on my waist with a strong grip, and kissed me ever so gently. Then lifted me up on the counter, and I just pulled myself towards him, with my legs around him, and his body touching mine. He kissed me like he meant it. He licked my lips, asking for entrance. And I let him in. Wow. It gave me butterflies. My hands were combing through his hair, and he was stroking my back. He lifted me up and brought me out into the main room. Still kissing. He pushed me up against the wall, whilst he was still lifting and kissing me. It was perfect. This was perfect. He was perfect.


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