Another World

Morgan and her best friends go to see One Direction in Concert, little did they know it would change their lives. Morgan falls in love, and so does her best friend Anisha, but is it the right thing to do? One of her friends turns out to be her and their enemy, but One Direction are there to protect them. Morgan and Anisha's lives are perfect. They couldn't of wished for anything better, but is it too good to be true? Morgan finds herself in a bad way, and the people around her hate seeing her like this. She pulls through, and carries on living her life, nit caring what anybody else thinks. Her life is perfect, she has the people she loves around her 24/7 and it is going to stay that way by the looks of things.

By: Morgan Parrington
Twitter: @Morgaan1Dxo


8. Woah.

Chapter 8- Woah.

Harry's P.O.V 
 It was almost time, I had no idea how she'd react... Hopefully in a good way. I could see her from where I was standing. She looked really worried and nervous, I hope she's not got stage fright or something! It was time for us to get on the platform. I was getting nervous now. "Ok guys, we're gonna slow it down for this song, so sing along if you know the words." Said Niall.
The song we were singing was Moments.I stepped on the platform, and it lifted up and Me and Morgan were gazing into each other's eyes. I could tell she was worried. "Don't worry, everything is going to be okay." I mouthed to her. She smiled, which made me smile. "Remember what I said?" I mouthed again. She nodded and smiled. "Harry! Who are you talking to?" A fan screamed. "Harry! Say something to ME!" Another shouted. I couldn't say anything so I just pretended that I didn't notice. The song was nearly finished and we had nearly landed on the second stage.

Morgan's P.O.V

They had nearly landed! They were about a metre away from the stage! Oh no. They are landing! Oh my god. And... They have landed.
I just ran up to Harry and hugged him. He lifted me up an spun me around. I just felt so right. Oh god. I forgot I was literally in the middle of all of the screaming even louder, holy crap, it was deafening.  I looked into Harry's eyes, and he looked into mine, we did that cute thing we do when our foreheads touch and his nose presses against mine. He slowly pulled away and said: "Stay right there."
"Okay." I said.
"Okay, it's time for the twitter questions!" Said Louis.
"Okay so the first question is frommm.... @Nish_1Dxxx, and she says: 'What has been your favourite concert so far?xxxxx' Well I think mine is this one!" Said Liam
Harry looked back at me and said: "Yeah,  this one." With a      
cute smile on his face. I smiled back. A couple more twitter questions were read out. "Now for the last twitter question." Said Niall. I looked at the screen. Holy crap! It said:
"@Harry_Styles: to @Morgaan1Dxo (Morgan)  You should be standing on stage with me right now, and tonight has been the best night of my life. As soon as I met you, I fell in love with you. I have never felt this way about anyone before. So. WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND? i love you."
I just stared at it. Then the boys started singing moments again. I turned around and Harry came towards me. I knew what I wanted to say, but I was just... speechless.
"Well, what do you say?" Harry asked worryingly. I couldn't speak. I just crashed my lips right onto his. I pulled away and said: "Yes, yes. Of course I will be your girlfriend." He pulled my body towards his, and kissed me like never before. It was amazing. Harry Styles, is now my boyfriend. Wow.






Thanks for reading 8 chapters guys! Sorry it's taking ages for me to write! But I hope you like it so far!! AND ANISHA IF YOU'RE READING DID U LYK IT! HAHA


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