Another World

Morgan and her best friends go to see One Direction in Concert, little did they know it would change their lives. Morgan falls in love, and so does her best friend Anisha, but is it the right thing to do? One of her friends turns out to be her and their enemy, but One Direction are there to protect them. Morgan and Anisha's lives are perfect. They couldn't of wished for anything better, but is it too good to be true? Morgan finds herself in a bad way, and the people around her hate seeing her like this. She pulls through, and carries on living her life, nit caring what anybody else thinks. Her life is perfect, she has the people she loves around her 24/7 and it is going to stay that way by the looks of things.

By: Morgan Parrington
Twitter: @Morgaan1Dxo


1. The Big Surprise

(Morgan's P.O.V)

Me, Megan, and Anisha were sat relaxing and surfing the internet in Anisha's room. I suddenly got an unexpected phone call from my parents. My dad said that he had a surprise. I didn't have a clue what it was though, but I ran home exited anyway.  I thought he may have bought me like a One Direction top from town or something because they had just returned from a long shop and he had just got a pay rise. I'm not sure why but it seemed to take forever for him to finally reveal what ever it was from behind his back. I had a good feeling about this one, I mean a really good feeling. I don't usually get exited about things that my dad may have bought me because you know, what dad would know what to buy for his teenage daughter? Whilst thinking what it could possibly be, I started to get butterflies. Actually to be honest 'Butterflies' was an understatement, more like a whole hungry zoo of animals was a better explanation for what was going on inside me at that moment in time.  
After what seemed like forever, my dad finally revealed the 'surprise' from behind his back. It was a golden brown envelope addressed to: 

"Mr. Ryan Parrington,
28 Union Street,
Dalton In Furness,
LA15 8RT"

 Everything went in slow motion whilst I stared at the envelope wondering what on earth could be inside it. The only thing that I could think of was something that I had dreamed of having for a long, long time... But it surely couldn't of been that, I mean it was impossible. I opened the envelope, waiting a moment before I reached inside to find out what this mystery surprise was. I slowly placed my hand inside without looking. I could feel about three or four pieces of card, I handled  them ever so delicately. Still not looking, there was only one thing it could be... But, it couldn't be, I mean I never get that lucky...
I closed my eyes, whilst taking the card out of the envelope. I still didn't know for definite what it was. I heard a loud gasp explode from both Megan and Anisha's mouthes. I heard a small cry from both of them, and I could sense that they were speechless. "There's three!" I heard Megan struggle to say. In my head I knew what they were,  but I told myself not to get my hopes up because I knew I'd probably feel let down if it wasn't what I truly hoped it was. I felt like I was ready. I mean I couldn't just sit there forever and try and figure out what it was with my eyes closed. "Ok Morgan, all you can do now is hope for the best" I said in my head. "Ok... 3... 2... 1..."

I opened my eyes. The whole world stopped. My heart stopped. It was. I was sat there staring at them. No emotion, no sound, no breaths. I couldn't believe it. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, and when I finally came back to earth, I realised that I was sat staring at three tickets. One Direction Concert tickets. I didn't say a word. I just sat crying with Megan and Anisha, wrapped in my parents arms. We all managed to squeeze out a "Thank you so much", although, it was so hard because our breaths had been taken away. 

The tickets read:

                   "The Sun Presents:
                         One Direction
                  At the MCR ARENA
                 Gates Open 12:30pm
             Concert starts at 2:00pm
     BLOCK 115, ROW A, SEAT 25.

Megan seat 24 and Anisha seat 23. We were amazed and our seats were about three or four steps away from the stage and we were along the edge of the floor seats! We were the happiest girls alive.

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