Another World

Morgan and her best friends go to see One Direction in Concert, little did they know it would change their lives. Morgan falls in love, and so does her best friend Anisha, but is it the right thing to do? One of her friends turns out to be her and their enemy, but One Direction are there to protect them. Morgan and Anisha's lives are perfect. They couldn't of wished for anything better, but is it too good to be true? Morgan finds herself in a bad way, and the people around her hate seeing her like this. She pulls through, and carries on living her life, nit caring what anybody else thinks. Her life is perfect, she has the people she loves around her 24/7 and it is going to stay that way by the looks of things.

By: Morgan Parrington
Twitter: @Morgaan1Dxo


9. She's Up to something, I tell ya.

Harry's P.O.V

The security guards came to the stage and told us it was time for Morgan to off because there was only a few songs left until the concert ended.
"Times up Harry, you need to get back on the platform." A security guard said.
"One minute." I replied. I put my hands firmly on Morgan's waist and hugged her, she buried her head into my neck. I lifted her head up with my finger and kissed her, and each time I kissed her I broke up parts of a sentance and said them in between.
"I *kiss* Love *kiss* you *kiss* more *kiss* than *kiss* you *kiss* will *kiss* ever *kiss* know *kiss."
"I love you too baby, now it's time for me to go, but I'll met you backstage when you're finished ok? The security guards will let me through." She said.
"Ok babe, see you then!" I said.
"Bye baby."

Morgan's P.O.V

So the security guard led me back to me seat. All I was thinking was:


So yeah I got to my seat.
"Omg Morgan! You are freaking going out with Harry freaking Styles!" Anisha said.
"Omg! I know!" I said.
We speant about a whole song just going crazy, and trying to believe it was all real. Meanwhile I looked over at Megan and she was giving me the most evil look ever.
"Megan, what's up? I thought you'd be going crazy?" I said.
"Oh really?" She replied sarcastially, squinting her eyes at me.
I looked at Anisha.
She looked at me.
We could both tell we we're saying "What the fuck?"
I know all this happened so quickly, but I mean, seriously?
I started watching the boys singing 'Rock me' and then a security guard came up to me. Again.
"Hi, Morgan," This time I realised it was Paul! One Direction's manager! Omg Paul is like, amazing.
"Hey Paul!" I said, whilst he's probably wondering how I know his name.
"Would you and your friend like to come and stand in the V.I.P area with Perrie Edwards, Eleanor Caulder and Danielle Peazer? Seen as though you are part of the family haha." He asked.

Paul was so nice, just like I imagined.

"Yeah I'm sure we'd love to! Right girls?" I asked Megan and Anisha.
"Omg really! Sure!" Anisha said.
"I think I'd much rather prefer staying here." Megan said.

She was really pissing me right off now.

"Well then Megan, suit yourself!" I said back, being quite cocky.

So Paul took us to meet the girls.

"Hi! I'm Morgan, and this is my friend Anisha." I said to them.
"Hi Morgan!" Each said whilst we shook hands and kissed on the cheek as you do, I found out.
"Hi Anisha!" They each said and did the same.
"Call me Nish." Anisha said.
She hated it when I called her by her proper name, she preffered he nickname.
"And we all know who you are, haha, we are big fans of One Direction, and have been for ages!" I explained.
"Haha, now you're even lucky enough to be a girlfriend of one of em' Morgan!" Perrie Said.
"Haha, I know, crazy isn't it!" I said.
"Yeah hopefully, you'll have luck with Niall, Nish!" Said Eleanor.
"Yeah, He's the only one left now, bless him!" Said Danielle.
"Ha, I wish!" Said Anisha, Oops sorry *Nish.

Whilst we were gossiping with Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor, I looked over at Megan and noticed she was on the phone to someone. She was smiling and squinting her eyes. She looked totally evil. She scared me.

"Girls, see that girl over there? she came here with us, but since I started dating Haz, she's been a total bitch!" I said.

"Wow, Jelous or what!" Perrie Said.

"I know! She looks like she's up to something." Nish added.

"Guys she's looking!" Eleanor said. We just laughed. We looked back at her and she gave us a sarcastic smile.

"Did you see that dirty look she just gave us? What is her problem?" Danielle said.

"I don't know, but she's up to something."

We all watched her, to see what she was doing. She picked up her phone again and listened to what she was saying.

"Where are you two at?"

"Have you managed to get in?"

"You will, there will be no one outside, the concerts nearly over!"

"If you don't do exactly what I say, when I say it, you will NOT be getting ANY Money! Undderstood?"

Is all she said, and we all heard every word. What did she mean you won't get any money? She is up to something, I tell ya.

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