Another World

Morgan and her best friends go to see One Direction in Concert, little did they know it would change their lives. Morgan falls in love, and so does her best friend Anisha, but is it the right thing to do? One of her friends turns out to be her and their enemy, but One Direction are there to protect them. Morgan and Anisha's lives are perfect. They couldn't of wished for anything better, but is it too good to be true? Morgan finds herself in a bad way, and the people around her hate seeing her like this. She pulls through, and carries on living her life, nit caring what anybody else thinks. Her life is perfect, she has the people she loves around her 24/7 and it is going to stay that way by the looks of things.

By: Morgan Parrington
Twitter: @Morgaan1Dxo


4. Is it the right thing to do?

(Harry's P.O.V)

We were walking to our Lounge, and I didn't want to take my arm from her shoulder. It felt like it fit there. I needed to get her on her own so I could talk to her. We were walking down the corridor and I slowed down a little so we were at the back of everyone. As we were walking she put her arm around my back. It felt so right for us both to be in each others arms. I don't know how I got this feeling this quickly, it's just something about her. I needed to say something so I can get her on her own. . ."Actually I think I need the toilet, so I'll head back to my dressing room." I said. 
"Actually so do I." Morgan said, a sigh of relief rushed through my lungs. "We were heading there but then we saw you's through the window." 
"You can come to my dressing room bathroom if you want Morgan". I offered.
"Yeah thanks, Harry" she said.

(Morgan's P.O.V)

I was finally alone with him, I better had make the most of it because this is probably the last time I was ever going to see him. It felt so good to be in his arms. I mean that surely must of meant something right? As we were walking down the corridor he turned to face opposite me and held my hand, whilst walking backwards. "It's this way babe." He gently pulled me along with a cute smile on his face. I was beginning to get more relaxed and realised that we were flirting. 

We got to his dressing room, there was a big silver door with a plate saying "Harry Styles" on it. As he opened the door he said "It's nowt special by the way." I walked in and he jumped on a couch which was situated in front of a small ish T.V and a glass coffee table. "Nice." I said as I looked around. "Come and sit down." He said. I sat down on the other side of the sofa, and he moved closer to me. " I didn't really need the loo by the way." He said looking into my eyes, still, with that grin on his perfect face. I had the urge to just kiss him there and then. "Neither did I, haha." I replied.  "Morgan you look beautiful.. Just thought I'd say." He looked down whilst grinning and blushing slightly. "You're not so bad yourself!" I said. We both laughed.

 I remembered that earlier I said to myself to make the most of being with Harry, but I'm not so sure that's a great idea anymore. I knew I would never see him again, and that I would probably lead myself on to thinking that I actually meant something to him. As I was saying this to myself, I realised that the whole time I was just froze, and Harry was trying to get my attention. "Morgan? Morgan!" He kept repeating. "Sorry Harry, I can't do this." I said running for the door. I had hold of the door handle and was about to leave, when I felt Harry's strong grip on my wrist. "Morgan, wait! What do you mean you can't do this?" He looked confused. "Harry, I'm sorry but I have been hurt too many times and I know after this I will never see you again, and you will probably forget about me... I just really can't do this, I don't want to get hu-" He put his finger on my lips, to stop me from talking. "Morgan, since I saw you out of that window I knew that I could never forget about you. I was determined to know you. How could you ever think that I will never see you again? I don't just talk to any girl like that you know." She looked up at me and her eyes were staring directly into mine. "You promise you mean that?" I said. " I promise." He said whilst gently pushing my head to rest on his chest as he wrapped me in his arms. 

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