Secrets will reveal

I'm that 'quiet nerdy' girl that sits at the back of the class with my headphones on and the world blocked out. Nobody ever approaches me because of the rumours that have spread about me. But I don't know anything as I've lost my memory, all I know is that I love music and that I am connected to an ancient dragon code. I'm the last alive and it is stirring inside just waiting to be released. But one day when I was walking though a forest I noticed a large stretch of water known as the 'Ocean' without thinking I closed my eyes and jumped in, when I opened them something was starring back at me...


2. Angel of the Guardians

I woke up in a very bright room, with a fluffy cream white leather sofa and white cream cushions to match, i was lying on a rug. It was round and baby blue color. 'Hello?' I called out 'Anybody there?' I listened.... Silence I was alone, or was I? Suddenly the lights flashed around me and it was pitch black. I was not going to show that I was afraid, but that automatically failed endlessly. 'Young Kathina!' an unknown voice boomed from nowhere, yet again I tried showing that i wasnt scared. In surprise I crouched down. 'KATHINA KENEDY?' the voice boomed again I replied but closed my mouth before I screamed in fear. The lights turned on and I saw three faded figures emerge from the darkest park of the room, my eyes saw a beautiful Pegasus, a phoenix and an eastern dragon, the dragon spoke first, 'Kathina Kenedy... time has come to awaken young angel.' The phoenix spoke next his voice a deep rumble like a fire crackling, 'When we command oursel;ves to awaken from our long term slumber we have a long fight ahead of us,' 'We are the last guardians destined to protect the angel of guardians, child that is you.'
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