The Sister

A young girl named Faye runs away from home when her older sister tells her she could never live with out her family and that shes the worst wizard ever.Really Faye is a girl destine to save there home country.


2. The forest

  "I am a powerful wizard no matter what my sister says. I could live mouths on my own.I may not be where she was at my age but still I can do this,or could I, well maybe not?" Faye thought as she was running through the forest it was getting dark and it was foggy. She thought she could never slow down, but she has to find shelter before its to dark,but where? Faye started to see this might be hard.

                Faye then found a cave.It was very large and it was moist. She walked in side slowly ,she noticed that there were strange marking on the wall. Drawings of large scaly beast like the ones she sees drawn in her old wizard books.People always thought little children drew those strange drawings.Faye thought and remembered in the books they were called............. Dragons.

"GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRAAAGGRRRWWWGGRR!!!" This loud growl traveled across the cave frightening Faye, several small kittens were crying for help in the back of the cave.Faye could not help but fall down and scream for the ground shacked and knocked her over.Faye trembled and grabbed her wand,then pointed it into the dark area of the cave were the noise came from.Faye was a sucker when it came to animals ,so she stood up and walked towards the noise.She shook her wand and it began to glow giving Faye a little bit of lite to see.

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