The Sister

A young girl named Faye runs away from home when her older sister tells her she could never live with out her family and that shes the worst wizard ever.Really Faye is a girl destine to save there home country.


3. Dragon of the mist

When Faye turned her wand slight to the right then she saw it. It was a dragon about 8 ft tall and a beautiful blue color.Faye was so caught up in its beauty she did not notice the giant 20 pound tall swinging her way.The tall knocked her into the wall, she quickly flew up and dodged the next swing.The dragon opened its mouth and a flame puffed up in the back of the throat. Faye moved out of the way and a giant flame burst into the wall and warmed the whole room.These dragons were only in really old stories.

               The monster then flew into the air and screeched. Faye  found a tunnel she ran down it and found another giant cave.There was a nest and yes kittens in the cave. Faye said a spell and made a blanket appear over the kittens.the dragon flew into the room,faye pointed her wand and said another spell. A giant flame came out of the end of the wand and hit the dragon right in the eye. the beautyful monster leaned up and growled.In fear faye hit it agian with a gaint flame.The flame was so hot that it was bright blue.The fire hit it right in the heart.Faye killed it,it fell over and did not move.Tears rolled down fayes face but she stood stronge.She cast a teliporation spell on the kittens, sending them to her house.Befor Faye left the cave, she saw 2 eggs in a nest one had a crake forming around it slowly hatching.Faye was shocked and scared.She new   what they were,Dragon eggs.

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