White Mist

Erica is a girl who lived on Roanoke island-an island that mysteriously disappeared. Here is my version of how 116 people who lived on Roanoke in 1585, disappeared.


3. Three

“I want to go! The hunters need me. I have smart skills and I am very useful.” Osti  shrieked.

“No, your father told us you were not to go anywhere out of the camp. But don’t worry Erica and Ambrose aren’t going either.” Ambrose’s mom told Osti, almost shouting to be heard over every one's excited voices.

Osti turned away as under her breath she muttered one last thing, “That’s exactly why I want to go.”



People knew the hunters were back when they heard the first dog bark. Boots could be heard stomping and a voice let out a triumphant cry “We have the doe!”It was a day after the hunters set out. People rushed to see and there as promised was the doe it’s fur gleaming in the light.  The doe’s fur looked like silk, softer than any product I had

ever seen. The eyes of the doe held defiance and hope. Even the wind stilled to gaze at the beauty the doe had. But I still felt a warning deep in my stomach. Oh no! I thought. Then, I glanced over at Ambrose and we both had the same thought... We have to help the doe escape.

That night the air was full of the smell of my aunt’s special cake, (yes, I don’t like her calling me the ‘unladylike’ word but I have to admit she is the best cook I know.) Aunt Genevieve was cooking because tomorrow was the day; the day John White told us he would be back with more supplies. I tried to focus on helping Aunt Genevieve instead of the deer but it was no use. For even when I splattered some batter on my shirt and Aunt Genevieve called me unladylike I was still frantically thinking of a way to help the deer escape.  Glancing over at Ambrose I saw she wasn’t doing any better.  

“Ambrose will you come with me to get some water from the well?” I asked, our eyes met and she knew I wanted to talk.

“Yes, I think I will.” She got up and I led the way to the door.  Once we were safely outside I started talking.

“Tonight! We can sneak out and let the deer go free. Griffen and Peter are on duty; Griffen sleeps on the job and Peter, well he is easy to sneak past. Please Ambrose?!” Desperation crept into my voice, she had to accept or, or.... I couldn’t finish that sentence.

“Well, o-okay.” Her voice was shaky, she had never been so sneaky.

“Girls! Please, hurry up it is unladylike to keep someone waiting.” I groaned quietly and Ambrose giggled quickly we strode toward the well of water and hauled up a bucket full of water. Then, as quickly as we could manage and without slopping all the water on the dresses we hurried inside before Aunt Genevieve could call us unladylike again.

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