White Mist

Erica is a girl who lived on Roanoke island-an island that mysteriously disappeared. Here is my version of how 116 people who lived on Roanoke in 1585, disappeared.


4. Four

My eyes popped open. All I could hear was the breathing of my aunt. Was she and everyone else asleep?  I decided to take the risk. Creeping into Ambrose’s room I moved towards her bed.

“Ambrose,” I whispered gently shaking her, “It’s time.” Together we passed the kitchen and we were about to finish passing Osti’s room when we heard her call out.

“Stop right there, where do you think your going?” We froze. Hardly daring to breathe then we heard her again “Shaun, no ambushing me at night!” I let out a small sigh she was talking to Ambrose’s little brother.  

“Keep going” I told Ambrose as quietly as I could. When we got outside we took in the surroundings. There was hardly any movement so we continued onward. Then, Ambrose took in a deep breath pointing. I gasped, even after many times of gazing at her, I couldn't get over how beautiful she was. Her pelt shined in the moonlight as Griffen snored.

“Come on.” Then with the slightest hesitation I opened the gate and stood aside,

“Go!” The deer lifted up her head, reared and ran out. As she passed me I smelled flowers, the pleasant aroma made me sleepy and I thought I heard as the deer passed “Thank you!” But it was said in the sweetest voice I had ever heard. I could have stood there all day but then I heard a yell, “The doe has escaped!”

Before I realized what was happening Ambrose pulled me back into the shadows and we ran a little bit away and then putting on a face saying Why did you just wake me up I need that sleep I walked into the clearing.

“It must have been the Indians,” Peter claimed “It was so quiet I didn’t notice the doe was gone until I saw it running off. The Indians are the only ones I know that could move that quietly. And I am sure I saw some shadows moving around the place where the doe ran. I bet the Indians caught it. They can figure out the doe’s magic and will use it against us. They will!” I didn’t know if Peter was covering up his mistake or if he truly believed what he was saying.

“Well, we need to move then. We are in no condition to fight. We shall take our ship and travel to Croatoan Island. Any against this speak now.” Hugh Taylor said.

“I object.” The objector's face was like a wall; there was no way to convince their mind.  It was the person I had somehow expected to speak out but I hadn’t

really given it much thought. “John White may never find us.”  Said  Aunt Genevieve .

“Then we shall wait three days but that is all.” The man said.

That night and the two following nights I had the same dream; I was standing by Aunt Genevieve she smiled but it wasn’t directed at me it was directed at a young man I didn’t know. Then the scene changed.  Aunt Genevieve  open the door, there a different man stood holding out a slip of paper. Aunt Genevieve looked at it slammed the door and wept.

In the morning of the third day I realized that I had heard the story of exactly what had happened in my dream. My parents had told me the story before I left to go to Roanoke. Somehow I still remembered the words they had used. Your Aunt Genevieve once had a fiance that had to go to war. He was  “Missing In Action” when we last tried to contact him and he has not been found since. Now, my dear Erica, do not speak of this to her and please don’t ask of it again.

So now as I thought of the recent leaving of John White I realized that Aunt Genevieve had lost two ones she loved, one being John White. Of course John White had never seemed to love her back, but  she still loved him.  This made me realize how hard this was on Aunt Genevieve; she was going to have to leave and at that moment, for the first time in my life I felt sorry for Aunt Genevieve. So  when I heard the final news, “John White is not here. We must set out for Croatoan island.” I turned toward Aunt Genevieve and hugged her. Stiffening and said “It is unladylike to do this.”  

I don’t think her words were directed at me. Quietly I guided her to the cabin and helped her pack. We packed food and clothes and all the things we had brought when we had came to Roanoke Island, but there wasn’t much. My mind repeated one thought, I was wrong; Aunt Genevieve was like a mother and she WAS kind. Then, just about when we finished Ambrose walked in.

“Sorry to bother you two but I think that Veronica is in need of some help with the disappearance of her dad.” Ambrose had called Osti by her real name and that was very very  STRANGE, but as I followed Aunt Genevieve into Osti’s room, I only saw  Veronica; yes, not the showy person I knew as Osti but I saw a sad girl named Veronica. That day the second change in my life took place. The change was finding love for my aunt and Veronica. I learned to really not judge a person, because that leads to despair. No one needs to feel despair and guilt. The other part of the change was just like the first change in my life, I was leaving a place I knew as home. And right then as I walked forward to help Veronica I realized that this might be the last time that I, or anyone else, may lay eyes on Roanoke Island again.

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