White Mist

Erica is a girl who lived on Roanoke island-an island that mysteriously disappeared. Here is my version of how 116 people who lived on Roanoke in 1585, disappeared.


6. Epilogue

Several days later-Erica really didn’t know how many-a storm collected above. The crew was working furiously, for They had just spotted land and were trying to make it before the storm hit. CRACK! Lightning split the sky as thunder grumbled. Waves started tossing wildly. We won’t make it was Erica’s only thought. But she was wrong, thunk, the colonists anchored and tried to take the rowboats ashore. It was hard but they made it. Then, moaning from exhaustion Erica crawled as far as she could away from the ocean. Finally, with her new friend, her old friend, and her aunt, she instantly fell asleep on what hopefully would be her new PERMANENT home.

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