White Mist

Erica is a girl who lived on Roanoke island-an island that mysteriously disappeared. Here is my version of how 116 people who lived on Roanoke in 1585, disappeared.


8. Author's Note

Author’s Note

Dear Reader, most of this is fictional and there wasn’t a girl named Erica in the real colony of Roanoke. Although in my story the colonists found a deer and left for Croatoan island it is unknown what really happened to the first colony-Roanoke colony. Many believe different things and I just made up one of my own little  tale of what happened.  The true facts that you might find in my story are:

Roanoke colony was governed by John White

Roanoke colony was created in the early months of 1587

There was a child born on Roanoke Island on August 18, 1587

The child was a girl and named Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare was John White’s Granddaughter

John White set off to get more supplies for the colony

John White was not able to return to Roanoke colony because England was at war with Spain

John White returned on his grand daughter's third birthday

John White returned in the year 1590 and  found Roanoke colony long  abandoned.

No one knows what happened to Roanoke colony

On a fence on Roanoke Island were the letters CROATOAN

On a tree were the letters CRO

John White had instructed the colonists that if they were forced of the island they should leave a drawn Maltese cross.

There was no Maltese cross drawn anywhere.


I hope you enjoyed my story!



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