Cursed -Harry Styles- (+15)

Allison(Ali) is a 17 year old girl. Her and her mom move from Denmark to London, after her dad just died.


8. "Studying"

“L-let go Harry” I stuttered. Harry shook his head, and pulled me so close that our thighs were touching.


“Okay, let’s just get this over with already” I sighed.


We started, we hadn’t even been studying for 2 minutes, when I felt Harry’s hand on my thigh slowly rubbing it.


“Keep your hands off me” I spat at him. Harry chuckled but he did remove his hand, and placed it in his lab.


When we finally were done, it was 9 pm. I looked over at Harry to see he was already looking at me. I fast looked at the TV just to look away from him.


“Now we’re done, and I’m gonna spend the rest of the night here, what are we going to do?” I asked.


Just as the words left my mouth I mentally slapped myself.

Really Ali! You could’ve just asked him, to fuck you right away!

Harry smirked at me.


“Well I have some ideas” he winked at me. I sighed, I did deserve that. I knew it.

I shrugged.


“What would that be?” I asked.


Once again speaking before thinking.

Harry’s smirk grew wider, as he suddenly grips my wrist and pulled me to sit at his lab, my back to his chest, facing away from him.


“You’ll find out very soon” Harry whispered in my ear. I could feel he sent chills through my body.


His warm wet lips, planted small kisses down my neck. A moan escaped my lips, and I cursed myself in my head.


“That’s right babe, moan for me” Harry whispered. His roaming hands, stopped at my breasts, and he squeezed gently, before he started to massaging. I couldn’t stop moaning, the sensation was way too good, it’s not like I’ve never been touch before, but Harry have a special way to do it, so it’s just much better.

His hands slipped under my dress and all the way up to my breasts where he continued what he was doing. My head was slowly getting heavier, I couldn’t hold it up anymore, I lay it back on Harry’s shoulder. Harry’s somehow pleased with my respond, because he starts to, squeeze and massage harder than before. My eyes slowly close; I can’t hold this much more.

One of Harry’s hands fined its way inside of my bra, and his thumb and index finger start to play with my nipple, that was it, my hips arched. Then I could feel my undies, getting wet. I guess Harry noticed too.


“There you go babe, I knew I could, you could get wet in just a couple of minutes” he whispered in his low raspy, seductive voice.


“Y-you d-didn’t” I defended myself. I could just imagine how he would raise his eyebrows and that smirk of his, on his lips.


“Is that so?” Harry asked, I could hear the smile in his voice.


I tried to nod the best I could, I wasn’t down from my little pink cloud yet.


Without a warning, I could feel Harry’s hand on my undies. I cursed him in my head, he wouldn’t let me forget this.


Harry chuckled to himself, which vibrated through his chest, and I could feel it through my body too.


“Don’t lie to my babe, you are soaking” Harry chuckled.


“I-I’m not” my vision finally started to clear.


“Well then” Harry said, not finishing his sentence, he pressed his thumb to my clit, I gasped, again?


“H-Harry, I-I warn you!” I said, I tried to sound convincing even though I didn’t even believe it myself. Harry pressed even harder, started to make circles. I gasped for every breath.


“Harry..” I moaned. Harry started to kiss my neck once again.


“Keep on going baby girl, I like when you moan for me” Harry whispered.


“I-I don’t want this to happen” I managed to gasp out.


“Yes you want” Harry said, it sounded a bit demanding.


I placed my hand on his hard, growing cock, and started to rub my hands on it, which made Harry moan a little.

He slipped his middle and Index finger inside of me and stated once again with pumping.


“God baby, you are tight as fuck” He moaned.


I wanted him to stop, I just didn’t know how so I said, the first thing that made sense in my foggy brain.


“S-stop, or... Or... Or I’ll keep doing this I threatened” as I rubbed harder, making Harry moan loud.

I know it was the lamest threat ever, but I just didn’t know what to say.


“Let’s move this to my bedroom?” Harry suggested I shook my head no. Harry didn’t like that answer, he pumped his fingers harder, and faster while his thumb pressed harder at my clit, resulting in me screaming out in pleasure, while I rubbed even harder on Harry’s cock, just to lead my thought away from the sensation between my legs and Harry’s other hand still massaging my breast.


“I’ll try again” Harry said. “Let’s move this to my bedroom” this time it was I demanding.


I nodded, I just wanted him to stop, I didn’t think of the consequence at that moment.




A/N Hey everone! I'm so sorry it took so long but I have so much homework at the moment, and I haven't had the time... But here was the new chapter Hope you liked it? The next one will be out soon I promise! Feel free to leave a comment. x

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