Cursed -Harry Styles- (+15)

Allison(Ali) is a 17 year old girl. Her and her mom move from Denmark to London, after her dad just died.


2. New Girl


“Ali! Wake up!” I heard my mom yell.

“Just five minutes more” I said, sleepily.

My mom walked in my room, and took of my duvet.

“God” I sighed.

“Get up” My mom walked out of my room again, with my duvet?!

I sighed again, a little louder this time, and got up from the bed.

I walked into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and walked back to my own room again.


I took on the clothes I’ve lay on my chair yesterday.

It was some blue shorts and a white, low cut, tank top.

I applied some mascara and lip gloss, took on my white stilettos, and walked downstairs to my mom, who was waiting for me.

I took my bag, and sat in our car.


We arrived to the school fast; I could have made it if I had walked through.

“Have a nice day honey, I’m home at 12 am so you have to eat by yourself” my mom said, and then drove away.

I sighed, and walked in. The school was huge.

I’d got my schedule in a letter some days ago. My first class were math. God I hated math!

I looked around, where in hell should I go?

I saw a girl who were taking some books from her locker.

“Excuse me? Can you tell me where I find the math class?” I asked her.

She turned around.

“Yeah, actually, I’ve math too now, so we can get there together” she said smiling.

She was pretty, she had long black hair and her blue eyes.

“Thanks, I’m Ali” I said.

“Amy” she smiled at me.

We started to walk to our class. Suddenly, I bumped into someone.

“Sorry” I fast said, and stood up. I looked at the person I had bumped into.

“Well hello doll” his husky voice said.

“Oh, it’s just you Styles? Are you at school today? Welcome” Amy said sarcastic

“C’mon Ali, we don’t want to be late” she said, turning to me.

I nodded. And we fast walked to class.

I took a sit next to Amy.

“Who is he?” I asked when we sat.

She looked at me confused. “Who?” She asked.

“The guy in the hallway” I replied.

“Oh, it’s Harry Styles. The schools biggest player. Stay away from him. If you once catch his attention, he won’t let you go until he’s finished with you”

I shivered. He was really scary.

The door opened and of course Harry walked in. Walked to take a sit, on the table at my other side.

“Styles?” I heard Amy ask confused. “What the fuck are you doing here?” She looked at ham cooly.

“Well, I’m not here for you babe” he said and winked at her.

I looked at Amy, her eyes narrowed.

“Go fuck yourself!” She spat.

“Only if you’re going to watch” he replied, with a cheeky smile.

I couged to tell them, I was there too. Harry opened his mouth to say something more, but then our teacher walked in the classroom.

She fast looked around, and her eyes stopped at me.

“I’m Allison Miller” I said.

“Oh yeah, Allison, our new girl. Have everyone said hello to our new classmate Allison?”  The teacher shouted. No one reacted, and she just sight.

“I’m Mrs. Lopez” she smiled. I nodded as answer.


Our math class went well, it was pretty boring, and I didn’t do much but talk with Amy, and try to avoid Harry.

Finally the class was over. My next class was Drama.

“Where do I find the Drama class?” I asked

“Oh, you have drama? It’s right next to mine class, I can walk with you?” she offered.

“Thank you, it would be great” I smiled and hugged her. She hugged me back, while laughing.

The drama class, wasn’t far from math. I walked in, I was the last person. Everyone looked at me.

God! C’mon guys, I haven’t just killed 5 people man!

I sighed, and walked up to the teacher.

“Hey, I’m Ali Miller” I said.

“Oh yes. Allison! I’m Mr. Cash” he replied.

“Just go and take a sit.” Mr. Cash told me.

I walked to a free chair, in the back of the room. There wasn’t sitting anyone, at the chair next to mine, so I sat all alone.

Suddenly the door opened, and Harry walked in. Mr. Cash looked like he’d just seen a ghost or something.

“Mr. Styles? What a... Lovely surprise” he said, faking a smile.

Harry just nodded.

“Take a seat, next to Miss Miller” he said. Harry looked around the classroom, till his eyes met mine. I sighed, as Harry walked toward me, and placed him at the chair next to mine.

I moved as far away from him as the chair allowed me to.

“Okay class, we’ll be doing the same, as last.” Mr. Cash spoke. “Since you’re new, you’ll just be watching today, is that alright Miss Miller?” Mr. Cash asked.

I nodded as answer.

“And since this is your first time, here too, Mr. Styles, you can watch with Miss Miller today” Mr. Cash continued. I felt like all blood left my body.


Everyone walked up on the scene, except for me and Harry.

Suddenly I could feel his hand, on my thigh, moving further up. But I pushed it away, and looked angrily up at him, he just send me a cheeky smile.

“Feisty, huh doll?” He asked, and smirked, that kind of smirk that sends shivers through your body.

“Just keep your hands away” I said, and tried to pay attention to the students on the scene.

Harry lent closer to me. “No. You are my next pray doll” he whispered.

I tried to ignore the sudden desire to run away fast. I took my phone out, to check the clock, but before I did anything, took Harry my phone from my hands, fast did something, and then I heard his phone vibrate in his pocket.

I sighed.

“Now, give it back!” I hissed.

Harry smirked again, I could see his dimples. But I really didn’t pay attention to his look now, I just wanted my phone back.

“Touch me, and you’ll get it back” Harry said.

“W-what?” I asked.

“You heard me doll” Harry said, and winked at me.

“No way. Just give me, my phone already!” I hissed. Harry dropped my phone on lab.

“You have to take it yourself” he said.

I cursed his name under my breath, while I reached for my phone. Suddenly Harry grip my wrist, and lay my hand on his dick. I could hear a quite moan from the back of his throat.

I pulled my hand away fast, took my phone and stood up.

“That wasn’t hard now, was it doll?” Harry asked.

I looked at him through narrowed eyes.

Then I turned around and walked away, I didn’t care, that the class wasn’t over yet.

While I was walking home, I pulled out my phone and texted everything to Amy.

Just a sec later I got a message. Well that was fast. But it wasn’t from Amy.


Unknown: I’m gonna pick you up at 7 PM. Wear something sexy for me! Xx – Harry

I didn’t reply, I just run home.

I walked inside and thrown my phone at my bed. That bastard!

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