Cursed -Harry Styles- (+15)

Allison(Ali) is a 17 year old girl. Her and her mom move from Denmark to London, after her dad just died.


1. Moving to London

“Are you done yet?” My mom yelled.

“Yeah, just give me a sec!” I snapped back.

I could hear my mom sigh. I picked up my suitcase, and walked down to her. She was waiting for me at the car.

The flight was pretty boring; I and my mom didn’t talk at all, I was still upset about we should move to London.


When we arrived the house was huge. I walked inside, and started to walk around. There were a kitchen, two bathrooms, one a little smaller than the other, my mom’s room, and then last but not least, my room. I walked inside; it was bigger than my old room.

I dropped my back on the floor, and walked, back to my mom, who was sitting in the kitchen.

“It’s huge” I said, surprised.

“I know that honey” she smiled at me; obviously she was happy, cause wasn’t mad anymore.


I walked in the living room, lay down on the couch and took out my Iphone. I texted my best friend Rachel.

Hey Guuuurl! God I miss you, I’ve only been here for some hours, but I’m so bored. And I really miss it all back home already! Xx


I send the message. I lay my phone beside me on the couch and lay my head back, to rest on the wall behind me.

I probably fall asleep, ‘cause I got a mini heart attack when I opened my eyes again, and my mom’s face were just 5 inch away from mine.

“Mom! What the hell?” I asked, annoyed.

“I’m sorry for surprise you honey, but I need you to do me a favour” she replied.

“And what’s that?” I asked, still annoyed.  

“I need you to go to the store, we need food” my mom said, and smiled to me.

“And why can’t you just do it yourself?” I complained.

My mom’s eyes narrowed.

“I’m doing so much for you, and every time I ask you about a little thing, you won’t do it! Now, get up and get to the store” my mom said. Her voice was low and hard.

“For fuck sake” I mumbled, as my mom walked out of the living room. She stopped.

“What?” she asked, she stood still, didn’t turn around.

“Noting” I fast said, took the money and ran out of the house before, she could say anything else.


When I got out, I realized I didn’t knew where the damn store was.

God, it was getting dark already!


I walked a little, till I saw a group of three boys. They had all a leather jacket on and a cigarette in one hand.

I really didn’t want to ask them, they didn’t look specially kind. But I hadn’t any other choice, there wasn’t other around here to ask.

“Errr, e- excuse m- me?” I stuttered as I walked over to them. Damn. Why was I so fucking nervous?

They immediately stopped talking, and looked over at me. The one nearest me, stated to when I got closer. I couldn’t see his face that clear, but I could see the silhouette of his curly hair.

“Yes?” His husky voice asked.

“C- can you t- tell me where the s- store is?” I asked.

“That’s all?” He asked, he looked disappointed.

I nodded, I didn’t understood what he meant.

“You just have to walk five minutes that way” one of the boys, behind the curly one answered, while pointing in one direction.

I smiled at him, even though I couldn’t see him.

“Thanks” I said, turned around and started to walk away.

I gasped when I felt someone slap my butt.

“Nice ass doll” I heard the husky voice said.

I didn’t turn around, I just kept starring into the space in front of me.

“Do that again an-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence.

“Okay” he said and slapped my butt again.

I inhaled once  and then, I turned around, and slapped him across the face.

I shocked myself by my action, but I fast pulled myself together, and ran toward the store.


I bought everything, and ran home.





(A/N) Please tell me of you like it or don't. And if you want a character in the story, as Nialls GF, tell me your name, look and personality. I'll then see you wins. xx

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