Cursed -Harry Styles- (+15)

Allison(Ali) is a 17 year old girl. Her and her mom move from Denmark to London, after her dad just died.


7. I Wanna Taste You

Harry stood up, took my wrist and pulled me toward his bedroom.

“No Harry, I’m fine” I said, I tried not to sound too scared. Harry chuckled as he pushed me on the bed straddling me. Harry started to kiss my down my neck, till he found my sweet spot. A little moan escaped my lips, and I could feel Harry smile against my skin. Meanwhile he sucked on my sweet spot, his hands were removing my undies, he did it so cautiously that I didn’t notice till he pulled away, and I saw him throw them at the floor. He bent his head down to my pussy, and I could feel his hot, wet tongue, started to play with my clit. I moaned I couldn’t hold them back. His lips closed around it, and he started to suck on it. I closed my eyes, as pleasure washed through my body.

“Look at me babe!” Harry demanded. I could barely open my eyes, but I made it, and made eye contact with Harry.

“G-get away f-from m-me” I gasp.   

 Harry’s teeth scratch over my clit, not hard, just to tell me, that it wasn’t going to happen.

Harry’s curls started to tickle my thighs. Harry removed his head from between my legs, and he started to kiss me, passionately. Then he pushed his index finger inside of me, and started to pump it on and out. Soon his middle finger joined his index. Harry kept on kissing me.

“Harry” I moaned against his lips.

“That’s right babe, moan my name” Harry whispered in my ear.

“I-I’m c-close” I gasped. Then Harry pulled out of me.

I looked at him. “Harry?!” I complained.

He smirked at me, and then he once again bent his head down to my pussy. His wet tongue started to lick up and down my entrance. Before I could react, Harry slid his tongue inside of me. I gasped, as he started to push his tongue further in me, the he pulled out, and started to lick my clit again, wrapping his hot tongue around it.

Then I cum, Harry licked me clean, and straddled me again. I panted heavily.

“Moan my name, one last time” Harry whispered. I shook my head.

“I-I fucking hate you” I managed to say.

“Why? This was just to warm up” Harry grinned.

Then without a warning he pressed his thump to my, now very sensitive clit, and rubbed it.

“Harry” I moaned once again. Harry smirked at me.

“You’re such a good girl” he said, he bent down to kiss me, but I pushed him off me, walked through the room, picked up my undies and took them on.  

Harry watched me all the time.

“Time to study Styles” I said, harshly.

“My friends and, babes call me Haz” he said. I looked at him and smiled.

“Oh okay. Time to study, dickhead” I said, in a sweet voice.

Harry stood up, raising his eyebrows, while coming closer.

“What did you call me?” He said.

I gasped, and backed up until, my back hit the closed door.

“I’m not gonna repeat myself Ali” Harry’s voice was low and dangerous.

“I-I said t-time to study H-Haz” I said, not wanting to piss him even more off.

“That’s what I thought” he said, and smirked.

I opened the door and fast ran in the living room, I took my things I used in the drama class. Harry came in, and I moved to the very end of the couch. Harry chuckled.

“Why are you sitting over there doll?” He asked.

I shrugged. Harry took my wrist, and forced me to sit next to him. 



(A/N) Hey guys. I know it's a short chapter but I ran out of ideas. I'm sorry it's been a while. 

Thank you SO much for reading, liking and fav. It means so much. 

I love y'all SO much! :) x

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