Cursed -Harry Styles- (+15)

Allison(Ali) is a 17 year old girl. Her and her mom move from Denmark to London, after her dad just died.


10. Escaping

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So here goes nothing.

Harry smirked, pleased with the power he had over me, and my body. He took a hold on me, and carried me, bridal style, to his bedroom, aka hell. 

He slowly lay me down on his quite comfortable bed, while standing beside me, to remove his own close. 

Just before, he was all naked, his phone rang. I could hear Harry let out a frusrated sigh probably because he was interrubted in his little 'rape plan'. I smiled at the thought, as Harry picked up the phone. 

"Hallo?" he snapped. 

There was an answer that I couldn't quite make out, but Harry's face changed in a matter of seconds, and he then walked out of the bedroom door, totally forgetting me. 

I was confused at first but then I sanpped myself out of my thoughts, stood up, and slowly sneaked out of Harry's bedroom. He was no where to be found, and I couldn't hear him either.


 I ran to the front door, and when I didn't get caught, I open it. I ran outside, and just started to ran, away from that house, away from the promblems, away from Harry. 

I made it home. I opened the door, but my mom wasn't no where to be found, I looked around in the house, it was all pitched dark. I couldn't see anything, at all. 

Well, she's probably already sleeping.

I smiled to myself, as I made my way to my room. I kept the lights off, as I found my pajamas, and brushed my hair. I also kept the lights off at the bathroom, I fast brushed my teeth, and made my way back into my bedroom. I was too tired to remove my makeup, now, so I just went to bed. 

I lay there, but I couldn't fall asleep, it was like my mind, wouldn't allow me. I stood up, and walked over to my window, and opend it up. It was prbably just too hot in here. 

I went back to bed. I was almost asleep, when I suddenly heard a wierd 'thud' sound. i stood up immedately, and walked straight over to my window, where I stepped on something. 

"Ouch" I muttered, as I bent down to pick it up. 

It was probably that, that made that wierd sound. 

I picked it up, it was some kind of tube. I took it with me back in my bed, took my phone, and used my phone light to examine it. There was a piece of paped taped to it?

I took the paper, it was a letter. I started to read it. 


You shoulnd't have ran away from me! I'm really disapointed in you. I can't wait to see you in school, I'm gonna give you a punishment so you can learn your lesson. I always get what I want, and right now, I want you. Sleep with one eye open tonight. H.


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