Me & Lou

Lou is very imaginative- and also kind, caring and helpful. And when she gets packed off to the countryside during the war, she finds that those qualities are important. But can she keep up the soft approach, even when panic, trouble and worry hits?


11. Night Adventure

I woke in the middle of the night, after somebody was throwing something against the window. I quietly hopped out of bed and walked over, drawing back the curtain silently- and Gwyneth was standing on the street, waving. I waved back, scrabbling into my shoes and wriggling into my coat. I crept downstairs, turned the key and walked to her.

"What?" I asked.

"Let's go on a night adventure!" Gwyneth smiled. "We need to talk, anyway!"

"But we're in wartime!" I protested. "It's dangerous!"

"You're not in London anymore!" I couldn't argue, so we started walking. "So, Ida told my Mother the news. I'm sorry!"

"It's fine." I said. "Whatever will be will be. It's out of our hands!"

"You're taking a good approach!" Gwyneth told me.  "If I was in your shoes, I'd be crying and fighting!" 

"But they're not REALLY my family," I told her. " And that is not really my home. It's different for the others- they've grown up there. MY home is in London!" 

"You'll miss it, though," Gwyneth said. "When it's gone. And you'll miss them." I got a weird, fluttery feeling inside. The cold night air blew my hair to and fro, as Gwyneth spoke to me. "My family moved here from Wales when I was six. We used to live in Cardiff, and we just came over here for a holiday- but then we decided that we loved it enough in England  to stay there. That's the story of my life. If Mother wants something, she gets it. That's how it goes in the Jones family." We walked down the road, past Our Lady Mary's. 

"I hate that school," I said.

"Bet you don't!" I heard a boy say. I looked around and up, and there was Thomas Henderson, sitting on a tree branch.

"Get a life, Thomas!" Gwyneth snapped. "One that doesn't involve hanging from trees like a woodpecker!" Thomas jumped down.

"This IS my life," He told us. He called Gwyneth a rude word, but she just laughed.

"Some cousin!" She giggled.

"YOU'RE cousins?" I gasped. They nodded, and I burst into a fit of laughter. "Really?" 

"Yes!" Thomas said. "Hey, call me Tom. I quite like you, Lou. As a friend, of course." Then he turned his back and dissapeared into the night. 

"Ooooh!" Gwyneth joked. "Do I hear wedding bells?"

"Gwyneth!" I blushed. "No, I don't even like him as a friend; he scares me!" We laughed, and Gwyneth put her arm around me. Then she sniffled.

"Do you know why?" she asked. "Why I called for you tonight? Because I wanted to see you one last time, before you go. I'll really miss you, Lou. We've been like two sisters!" She took her hand off my shoulder and sloped off, into the darkness. 

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