Me & Lou

Lou is very imaginative- and also kind, caring and helpful. And when she gets packed off to the countryside during the war, she finds that those qualities are important. But can she keep up the soft approach, even when panic, trouble and worry hits?


2. Memory Lane

I couldn't face it. I ran right past her, downstairs, still in my nightgown, and along the street to my little den. Okay, so it was a whole in a wall that lead to a private little garden, but I'd been going there for years. I sat down, and decided to do what I always did to block out the worry. Think of the past. 

Certain memories, I remember better than others. Like Christmas. The sweet, cinnamon-y smell, the little fur tree with sparkling decorations, the shiny foil wrapping paper. 

Or Easter. We always had a very firm routine. We didn't go to Church, hardly ever. So every Easter Sunday, when I was very little, I was dressed in my new Spring clothes. We hopped on the train down to the country, where we stayed with Granny and Grandpa. All of my cousins would take me for a walk nearby the fields, to see the lambs and the chicks. Then we went home and had a special Easter feast- lamb joints with mint sauce, fresh cabbage and delicious broccoli, and homemade trifle for desert, Then I'd have a nap, because by which time I was absoloutley worn out, and then, when I woke up, we'd dye eggs all different colours and roll them down the hill in a race. I nearly always lost. But one time, my cousins must have gotten together and decided to let me win. But I didn't know that then, and the sight of my egg crossing the chalked line first was magical. Then we'd spend the night in Granny and Grandpa's front room, camping. It was fantastic. 

Another favourite memory of mine is when I was three. On my third birthday, we all went to Brighton. I vividly remember walking along the beach, picking up every single stone and imagining that it was the Magic Pebble, like in my fairy-tale book. Then I ended up slipping and sliding on the pier, and Father started chasing me. Then he picked me up and spun me around and around until I was dizzy. Next, he sat me down and whirled MOTHER around and around, until she was squealing like a little girl. We ended the day sitting on a seat at sunset, staring at the sea. I remember licking on my chocolate ice cream, desperately trying to stay awake, blinking my eyes. 

And there I sat then, alone, about to be evacuated to a strange place. What if nobody wanted me? Yes, what if I got all the way there, and I just got turned back? I felt quite ill with worries. It was such a bad day. 

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