Sebastian Knight has now successfully taken over his family business and his father’s place as alpha, currently suffering with no luck finding his mate. That is all about to change when Alison chambers walks into his business, showing her clumsiness, innocence and pureness. He finds himself drawn to her. She his human, he is a werewolf. Where will fate take them?


2. Mine - Chapter 2 - Captured

Hitting my alarm, I groaned. I ran my hand through my hair and looked at the time. I instantly rolled myself out of bed running toward the bathroom. I was already late, and it was my second day. I sighed in frustration as I rushed myself to shower and throw my work clothes on.

I pushed passed security that were guarding the main entrance; I held the papers tightly to my chest as people were crowding the area.  They all still glared at me, like I was the new kid in high school, which is understandable I guess. “Miss. Chambers” a husky voice called from behind me. I held my breath as I turned my heel. Sebastian stood there, leaning against the office wall, one arm stuffed in his pocket, with the other pushing the unwanted hair out of his face. “Your late” he stated amused. I sighed “I’m sorry, sir” I bowed my head. “It’s fine, just don’t let it happen again” he ordered, pushing past me his hand brushed against mine as I caught my breath. I watched him leave and something inside of me wanted him to turn around, but he didn’t.

I turned to my desk to see a folded piece of paper, I opened it and it read

“Meet me here at 5pm, don’t let me down – Sebastian”

I smiled and quickly crumbled the letter and stuffed it in my pocket, I rested my head on my arms as I drew pointless patterns along my arms. “Alison?” someone questioned I looked up and everything was a blur, “Y-yes?” I replied, “I have been asked to give you these” she stated, dumping a pile of papers to my desk and stormed off. I rolled my eyes and pulled them apart one by one placing them in piles. I pulled a file before me and my father’s name was in bold letters. An article, I read through and felt like my heart had stopped. I pushed my chair out beneath me as I shoved the file in my purse. I felt the tears poor out of my eyes as the line had replayed in my head. ‘Child found after tragic accident, Harrison Chambers Claimed her has his own’


Alison had barged through the doors with tears escaping her eyes, I instantly removed myself from my office and followed after her, “Alison” I called and she turned to me. “I have to go, I’m sorry” she cried, whilst holding a crumbled file in her hands. “What is that?” I asked, grabbing it out of her reach. “Who gave you this?” I demanded, feeling the anger boil up inside me. “I-I don’t know” she mumbled. I grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her along with me. Jealousy was a problem in this business when it came to me, and I wasn’t going to allow it with my mate. I barged through the doors and everyone had stopped there bickering.   “Who was it?” I whispered to Alison, who was running her hand through her brown locks; she let her eyes travel the crowd as she stopped on one particular person. I growled in disgust. Her name was Lucy Roberts, my former assistant who was downgraded due to her obsessive behavior, but this was unacceptable. I had known about Alison’s history, as soon as she had made an appearance in my building I knew I wanted to know more about her, and this was something I had managed to come across, I was a child myself when the accident had taken place, but my maturity level was at the age on an 17 year old. Lucy was holding her smile back, the corner of her mouth was twitching. “Get your stuff, you’re out” I ordered and her smile faded. “But sir-“she argued. “I said, you’re out!” I yelled, she rose from her chair and ran out beside me. I chuckled and shook my head. “Let me take you out to dinner” I mumbled in Alison’s ear, “I have something I’d like to tell you” I smirked, and she nodded her head. “Alright, back to work” I ordered everyone who instantly went back to what they were doing. I removed my overcoat and ran down my car, I shifted it into gear as I took off to the pack house.

“Alpha?” ben questioned my appearance. “I need you all on guard immediately” I ordered, barging into the house. “What is it?” Jared asked, confused. “One of my former colleagues, I picked up a scent” I growled. “Vampire?” he asked. I nodded, “They are getting too close, they are after something” Rosaline imprinted. “We need to find what they are after, and destroy it” I demanded. “I’m going to run around the territory, ben, jarred I want you behind me” I stated, taking off outside. I threw all of my clothing on the decking beside me and shifted, letting the wolf guide me. I heard the clothing shred as ben ran beside me. I mentally rolled my eyes, he goes through more clothes than all of us alone. “You need to stop ruining your clothes, Benjamin” I snickered. As he groaned in annoyance. “Old habit of mine”  he linked back, I dodged the large trees, taking sharp turns until I heard a scream fill the air, “Alison!” I growled

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